Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week-a-boo: our weekend

Another weekend has flown past. Saturday morning was busy with taking Abbey to her gymnastics class, then we popped into her kinder. There was a fundraising session on, for the kids to make some artwork, and this art work then to be turned into melamine plates, calendars or cards. Abbey drew two lovely pictures, and had a long play on the equipment with a few of her kinder friends.

Zoe had fun playing on the fake grass, pulling silly faces, and chewing my camera case.

Today, Chris had some important work to complete, so during Zoe's afternoon nap, Abbey and I went out - not to one park, or two parks, but to three different parks in our area. She rode her bike, and I walked behind her, helping with the steering sometimes (there is a handle on the back of her bike) and I got the fun job of pushing her up the hills.

Lucky Abbey was there, to catch me when I went down the big slide.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. See what other peeps have been up to with Claire.



  1. Oh my...3 parks in 1 day....that's the definition of HEAVEN for most small children I'd say! haaa!
    I love the photo of you at the top of the slide looking down at Abbey!
    Have a fab week Cat xo

  2. So cute!! I also love the photo of you at the top of the slide xx


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