Sunday, September 30, 2018

Crazy Cat Lady is here!

Because we all know one (or more) or we may be one......or it may be your life goal (it is mine!)

Crazy Cat Lady

I love me a Crazy Cat Lady.  I know quite a few.  I am related to one.  I want to be one. 

When I say "Crazy Cat Lady", it is with affection and admiration. 

I have screen printed "Crazy Cat Lady" onto fabric for my travel sized zippered bags. On the other side of the bag, is cat fabric.  There are 9 different fabrics to choose from - the joke was on me when I was going through my fabric stash looking for cat fabrics.  I just kept finding more and more (I found more than 9 also!)

 You can customise and choose what inner lining fabric you want - white waterproof, dark grey waterproof, white 100% cotton drill or black 100% cotton drill.

They are in my etsy shop now.  

If you need a "Crazy Cat Person" zippered bag, let me know, I can make them too.

Go forth and be a crazy cat lady, you are so very loved.

Friday, September 7, 2018

More fabric choices for stainless steel straw bags

Yes, there are now more fabric choices for my stainless steel straw bags.

These zippered bags can be used as a pencil case or a toiletries bag also.

There are two different waterproof lining fabrics to choose from, either white or dark grey.

If you would like a different outer fabric, please ask, I have many other fabrics in my stash.

In my etsy shop now.