Thursday, May 24, 2012

My (new love affair) Creative Space

Hi peeps,

Yes, I am having a new love affair.  Please do not tell my sewing machine.  She could well be jealous.

My new love is paper punching.  There is a fantastic Paper Craft shop here in Hong Kong (thank you to Emily for telling me about this shop!)  I have been able to slowly build up my collection of different punches.  My newest one is this large Monarch Butterfly punch (it is 4.5cm across the widest -top- part of the wing span)

  More birthday party preparations. Time to sew these lovelies together to make 3D garlands.

Last week, I sewed some together to make 3D butterfly garlands for the birthday party.

Punch the butterfly

This week, I have been sewing them onto card (my sewing machine is no longer jealous)

Butterfly family

Sewing two together means you get this 3D effect.  I am loving this look.

Close Encounters

What are you making this week?  There's a lot of creating going on over here at My Creative Spaces, do go and have a look, it is so inspiring.

Cheers.  Cat.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Hi peeps,

Yes, it may be Tuesday, but here are my Sunday Snippets, I am joining in with Tinnie Girl again this week.  My week in a photographic nut-shell.

Party preparations were full swing.  Hair bobbles for the girls.

Today it's all about circles. Lovely round pieces of fabric, soon to be made into hair bobbles/hair ties.

Fridge magnets for the boys.

Fridge magnets (28mm) for the boys goodie bags. #homemade #partypreparations

The Unicorn Dress was finished in time for the party.  It is my most beautiful failure. More about that another time.  I am devastated, in a crafty way.

One Unicorn dress. Finished just in time for tomorrows birthday party.

My Instagram photos are now for sale on  This is great for anyone who lives in the USA, but shipping to the rest of the world is very expensive (they hope to change that.  I hope they do)

My gallery is now open! My photos are for sale! #instacanvas

The birthday party was a success.  The cake was amazing and delicious.

The Birthday cake.

The day after the birthday party, Abbey sat her first ever ballet exam (she wanted to do this, it was her choice)  I am such a proud mumma, she handled all of this new experience with such ease (I fear I was more nervous than her!)

Last minute ballet practice before their exam. #proudmamma

Have a great week.  Cat.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My (party planning) Creative Space.

Hi peeps,

This week has been all about party planning!  My big girl Abbey turned 6 at the end of last month, this weekend we are holding a joint birthday party with her best friend from kinder who celebrates her birthday in a few days time.

I need to finish the Unicorn Dress, this will be her party dress.  I started it last week, but got rather distracted with all these other party creations.

Unicorn dress

I have made fabric goodie bags, for boys and girls.

  Goodie bags

3D paper butterfly garlands to be used as party decorations (idea from these gorgeous rainbow cloud garlands)


Little sewn note books to go in the goodie bags (they are around 7cm square)

Little books

Little Thank you cards to go in the goodie bags.  In English and Mandarin, we do live in China after-all!

Thank you cards.

I have been having lots of fun making hair bobbles to go in the girl goodie bags.


Hair bobbles

Tomorrow I need to make lots of pink tissue paper pom poms, to be used as decorations.

Tussue paper pom pom

What are you making this week?  Happy Creative Day to you.


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Snippets

This week, we met a very fast baby turtle, boy could he/she run!

Out for a walk.

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung! But it feels like summer.

But it feels like summer is here instead of spring, so we drank home made orange juice slushies to cool us down.

Orange juice slushy.
I tried a new recipe, and it was so yummy!

Home made stuffed paratha

One Unicorn dress needs to be sewn.

Unicorn dress

Couch crafting when too tired to sew.

  Couch craft. Too tired to sew after a big day out.

I am joining in with TinnieGirl for Sunday Snippets.

Have  great week, peeps.  


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiny, wee blankies make it all better

Hi peeps,

Today was a bit bleugh. I was tired, feeling flat, uninspired. There were lots of boring chores to do like washing and cooking dinner.  I was annoyed at myself as I could have done some sewing.  I should have done some sewing.  I have no idea what I did much of the day, I hate feeling like I have wasted a day.  I do remember reading Zoe books, that was lovely.  It involved cuddles and sloppy toddler kisses.

I am feeling tired and flat today. 

I can say though, that 5 minutes of sewing at 5pm made it all feel right again.  Two teeny tiny little strawberry blankets later, and I was feeling better already.  Oh, and so many lovely words from my Instagram friends made a big difference too (thank you lovelies!)

Wee little blankies are a great use of fabric scraps from the Strawberry dress, I say! Perfect for little girls Sylvanian Families animals. Sweet dreams, little critters.

Sweet dreams to you too.  Cat.

PS: Creative Spaces has moved.  Pop over here to see our new home. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Hi peeps,

Today I am joining in with Sunday Snippets with tinniegirl.

This week, the moon was found.

Sky, cloud, moon.

The wet market was visited for shopping and fish spotting.

Sad fishies, wet market.

Beautiful tiled murals were admired (these are at a platform in Central MTR-train station here in Hong Kong)

Wee girl admiration.

Tiled birdie num num.

House of tiles.

And Abbey's first love letter was discovered.  Awwwww, six year olds are so cute.  I am sure I won't feel the same in 10 years time......

Love letter.

Have a lovely Sunday.  I am off to my first yoga class in ages now, this is going to be interesting.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lisette Continental Dress Sew Along

Hi peeps,

Only 2 months after it started, I finally finished my Lisette Continental Dress, part of the CurlyPops fabulous Sew-Along.  To be fair (to me!) I was not able to begin my dress until the end of March.

Lisette Continental dress 

I am not that happy with the sizing on the pattern, it is very confusing.  The pattern measures up quite big - it is a roomy dress. It needs to be roomy to get it on and off, as there is no zipper.  My bust measured up for a size 12, and my hips and waist measured between sizes 15-16.  I measured the actual pattern pieces, and there appeared to be enough room for me to cut out a size 14 of the dress.  I used a fabric I was not that bothered with, just in case it did not work.  My gamble paid off - the size 14 is good on me, a little roomy actually, so I could probably make the size 12 next time.

Lisette Continental Dress 3

I adjusted as I sewed, trying it on after each step.  I took 1.5cm off the shoulder seams and a similar amount off the armholes as they were gaping (I tapered the seam like Cam did in this post)

There were some very helpful instructions with the pattern to make it a multi-size, if you did measure up differently for bust, waist and hips, I chose to ignore these this time as I liked trying on as I sewed, adjusting to my actual body.  I noted all the adjustments on my pattern, so when I make the dress again, it will be even quicker.

Listette dress 2

I did find it a very easy dress to sew. It comes together so quickly.  I added belt loops too, I thought this was a good idea Cam.  I want to add some pockets, they would be very handy.

It is very comfortable to wear.  I will have to make some more as Hong Kong is starting to heat up, it feels like summer is here already - but I know it will get warmer still.

Listette Continental Dress 4

I have the Lisette Passport dress pattern too, I am now eager to make this one, and see which one I prefer.

Thank you to the Shropshire boy for taking these photos of me in my new dress.  I am wearing it as I type this, it is so comfy.

Thank you to Cam from CurlyPops for holding this sew-along.  I have finally made some thing for me!

Have a great weekend.  Cat

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My (is it May already?) Creative Space

Hi peeps,

How can it be Thursday already?  Again!  Plus it is May, another month has ticked over.  This year is flying past so quickly.

Today, in my creative space, I have one finished butterfly zippered pouch (with a strap) and one more to complete.

Butterfly zippered pouch

I need to remove the elasticised waist off this pretty new top I bought from Marks & Spencer.  The elastic is too tight and not very flattering on me.  I love living in a country that has Marks & Spencer!


Here is last weeks Strawberry dress, all finished.  It was the perfect dress to wear for a fruit themed party at kinder, Abbey loves it.

Strawberry dress

Happy creating to you.