Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Hi peeps,

Today I am joining in with Sunday Snippets with tinniegirl.

This week, the moon was found.

Sky, cloud, moon.

The wet market was visited for shopping and fish spotting.

Sad fishies, wet market.

Beautiful tiled murals were admired (these are at a platform in Central MTR-train station here in Hong Kong)

Wee girl admiration.

Tiled birdie num num.

House of tiles.

And Abbey's first love letter was discovered.  Awwwww, six year olds are so cute.  I am sure I won't feel the same in 10 years time......

Love letter.

Have a lovely Sunday.  I am off to my first yoga class in ages now, this is going to be interesting.



  1. That mosaic mural is SO amazing.
    And I love the holding hands pic - absolutely gorgeous!x

  2. That mosaic is remarkable and your daughters first love letter - save it for her won't you!!

  3. aww bless first love letter ♥.
    beautiful photos !!

  4. What a fabulous pic from Abbey! It looks like she's got fairy tale complete with wicked witch, so cute, children are amazing with their imagination and creativity.
    Those tiles are fantastic, just works of art. Love getting a little insight into your world Cat, always so interesting and beautiful xo

  5. that letter is divine! you must keep that forever!

  6. The mosaics are really something else! So wonderful.

  7. That station art is fantastic...I bet you could stand there for ages looking at it's detail. x


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