Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fancy a carrot in your ear?

OK, I may have to make a promise. No more fabric carrots after this post. First, we had them topless.

Then we had them with their tops on.


Now we have them with ribbons added, and they look even cuter (excellent idea, Clare)

Fabric Carrots with ribbons.

If you like, you can put them in your big sisters ear.

Carrot in your ear, anyone?

Big sisters get rather cranky with you if you put them in her ear.

Yes, carrots in your ear.

So, why not put them in your own ears?

More carrots in her ears.

Much more fun to put them in your own ears.

My stylist.

OK, no more fabric carrots from me.

But I can't promise you that you won't end up with one in your ear.


My (carroty, part 2) Creative Space

Fabric carrots.

The topless carrots have been dressed finished. They are just a bit cute, I think. And squishy. I like squishy.

Carrot tops.

Clare's look really good with the ribbons added, but I did not have any carroty looking ribbon and had no budget to get any this week. All these carrots were made with fabric from my stash.


I had to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar carrot for our librarian, I know she will love it.

I survived kinder duty last week. It was exhausting and non-stop, but so much fun. I enjoyed chopping up the fruit, I had way too much fun arranging it on the trays artistically (I wish I had taken my camera to take a photo) The best bit was the singing and dancing to music while walking around the room. Yes I did join in, it was a hoot, especially pretending to be a kangaroo!

It was so special to see my big girl at kinder, playing, crafting and interacting with her her friends. Not to mention her new favourite kinder activity - playing in the mud pit. She comes home filthy, which is OK with me. Her pretty skirts are certainly not quite so pretty any more.

Want to see a whole lot of Creativity? Pop over to Kirsty's for some inspiration.

Happy Thursday to you.


(If you don't want a carrot in your ear, don't look here)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My (carroty) Creative Space

Topless carrots!

I might be procrastinating here, I suppose I should be packing up our entire house to move to Hong Kong, but to tell you the truth, I'd rather be sewing.

Since Easter last year, I have wanted to make these fabric carrots. Then after the felt fruit and vegetable caper of last year, I wanted to give Clare's carrots a try even more. Fabric carrots look so much more appealing than plain old orange felt ones, don't you think?

This is as far as I have got with them - they are all still topless. Feels a little rude saying that!

Wish me luck, this morning I am on kinder duty. 28 four and five year olds plus two kinder teachers who do this every day. And me. It will be crazy. But I know it will be crazy fun too.

I look forward to this afternoon, when I can sit down with a cup of tea and browse through all the Creative types over at Kootoyoo.

I hope you have a less crazy Thursday, Cat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nine years ago today......

<span class=

Nine years ago today, the sun was shining, it was a warm autumn day in Melbourne. I was full of nerves. It was my wedding day.

Just married.

I married my love, my Shropshire boy, in a small ceremony at the magical Montsalvat. Our reception was held Upstairs at The London. Rather fitting we thought, as we met in London. It was a wonderful day. I had so much fun celebrating with our close friends and family (also missing some special people who were unable to travel from the UK to attend)

Upstairs window.

These nine years have gone so fast. We have bought our first home together, we have made our own little family, two gorgeous girls call us mummy and daddy. I still love your English accent. We still love the same music. I look forward to being a family again when we are all living in Hong Kong together.


Happy Anniversary, my love. See you on the weekend.

Love from Cat.

Our wedding photos were taken by Ian Clark from Studio Imagery.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My (girly) Creative Space

This week I have had fun making a girlie birthday present. One of Abbey's new kinder friends celebrated her birthday today. Since they met just over a month ago, Abbey and her new friend Ellie have become almost inseparable at kinder. Abbey asks me many times most days what is Ellie doing now? Where is Ellie? When is kinder next? When I ask her what she has done at kinder, it always involves Ellie. It is so cute to see and makes me all squishy inside. My big girl, all 4 years of her, is making friends. I am so proud of her.

Ellie's mum summed it up perfectly - they are in love. And it is true, they both adore each other and play so well together.

This week I have been smiling as I was sewing, knowing these creations were for Abbey's dear friend.

Flowery <span class=

I sent Abbey to kinder one day last week, and her mission was to ask what Ellie's favourite colour is. Mission accomplished by my little snoop, Ellie likes all the colours of the rainbow.


Abbey helped me choose which fabric's to use, and I made Ellie a zippered pouch and two headbands.

Pink hair bobbles.Align Center

Little girls can never have too many hair bobbles (hair elastics), so I made some of these too.

More bobbles.

To finish off our home made present, Abbey painted some brown paper with a colourful rainbow to use as wrapping paper and drew Ellie a birthday card.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! We had a wonderful time at your party.

Rainbow wrapping paper.

Pop in and visit all the lovely Creative peeps over at Kootoyou on Thursday.

Cheers, Cat.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monster Soup

Monster Soup

The weather was spectacular in Melbourne over the weekend. To me, it felt like the last throes of summer. Condensation on the car and chilly mornings leading to warm, sunny days. A summer that I still feel never really started this year. But anything is possible, Melbourne weather is unpredictable, and I actually like it this way, it is never boring or dull!

We spent as much time in our back garden as we could this weekend. I had bought some goodies from the local op shops: a little saucepan, spoons, tongs, an egg whisk, a soup ladle. Abbey was so excited to try out her new outdoor kitchen equipment.

Making monster soup.

Right away, she made this Monster Soup. She told me a Monster would love this soup. A Monster probably would. Made with dirt, sand, rocks, weeds and some of my plants. There was also chives and parsley for flavouring (but not my Grandpa's chives, some other ones in the garden we do not use)

This is her outdoor kitchen, some upturned empty pot plant holders.

Abbey's kitchen.

Both Abbey and Zoe had so much fun making a big mess.

I am sure we will be spending a lot more time out in the back garden while this warm weather lasts, maybe summer will hang on a little longer. I am hoping so.

Have a lovely week, peeps.


Joining in with Week-a-Boo and Point and Shoot.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My (knotty) Creative Space

Abbey's blankie.

In My Creative Space this week, I have been finishing Abbey's kinder blanket.

Pillow and blankie.

She needed a little pillow too, so I made one out of the left over backing fabric (Abbey chose this fabric herself, I wish I bought more of it now, I have grow to really love it)


Her name is a little wonky, the "A" especially. Why do I feel that the letters in her name have to be perfectly formed? It is all about embracing the wonk, isn't it? It is home made after all, I have to keep reminding myself.

Test run. I like it.

The proof is in pudding, she loves it.


I was inspired to make one of these blankets after seeing this gorgeous version. Fabulous idea from this lovely book.

Have a lovely Thursday checking out all the Creative Spaces.