Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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This week I have had fun making a girlie birthday present. One of Abbey's new kinder friends celebrated her birthday today. Since they met just over a month ago, Abbey and her new friend Ellie have become almost inseparable at kinder. Abbey asks me many times most days what is Ellie doing now? Where is Ellie? When is kinder next? When I ask her what she has done at kinder, it always involves Ellie. It is so cute to see and makes me all squishy inside. My big girl, all 4 years of her, is making friends. I am so proud of her.

Ellie's mum summed it up perfectly - they are in love. And it is true, they both adore each other and play so well together.

This week I have been smiling as I was sewing, knowing these creations were for Abbey's dear friend.

Flowery <span class=

I sent Abbey to kinder one day last week, and her mission was to ask what Ellie's favourite colour is. Mission accomplished by my little snoop, Ellie likes all the colours of the rainbow.


Abbey helped me choose which fabric's to use, and I made Ellie a zippered pouch and two headbands.

Pink hair bobbles.Align Center

Little girls can never have too many hair bobbles (hair elastics), so I made some of these too.

More bobbles.

To finish off our home made present, Abbey painted some brown paper with a colourful rainbow to use as wrapping paper and drew Ellie a birthday card.

Happy Birthday gorgeous girl! We had a wonderful time at your party.

Rainbow wrapping paper.

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Cheers, Cat.


  1. Ooooh I love all the goodies you've made for Ellie!! What a lucky little lady :)
    And, being in love at age 4 {with a best friend} is the sweetest thing! MAGIC!

  2. Wowee someone is going to be extremely excited by all those gorgeous birthday pressies!

  3. This is just the most divine, uplifting, beautiful post ever! Isn't it adorable when you learn of your little one making their 'own' friends. My little guy just started preschool a month ago also and he is in love with April... who I am led to believe feels the same way. Ahhh, warms the heart a thousand times over.
    I LOVE your creations, Ellie is a lucky gal, I would have a very Happy B'day if I received those gorgeous gifts :o)

  4. What a beautifully generous and georgeous hand made present.

  5. Love the fabric, and what pretty prezzies, what a lucky birthday girl!

  6. What a very lucky little girl, my girls would go nuts over them!

  7. These are gorgeous and I looooove the fabrics you've used. Fantastic handmade 'heart' gifts - they are the best!!

  8. so very cute - i hope they can be matchy matchy !

    how do you make these hair bobbles? Is there a tute somewhere - i would love to make some for the little flossies in my life.

  9. Everything looks great - I will have to give the headband thing a go... I find it really hard to find headbands that will stay in my hair too - so it is worth a shot!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. You're right! It is love! My small has fallen hook, line and sinker for Molly from kinder who LIVES IN OUR STREET. Nothing could be more perfect except that Molly is moving to New York in three weeks. Aaaargh! You may have inspired the perfect farewell present...

  11. I loooooooooove those headbands, I could see a little Punk in one of those fo'shizzle!

  12. Those presents are adorable. I'm sure Abbey loved giving them as much as Ellie loved receiving them!


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