Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fancy a carrot in your ear?

OK, I may have to make a promise. No more fabric carrots after this post. First, we had them topless.

Then we had them with their tops on.


Now we have them with ribbons added, and they look even cuter (excellent idea, Clare)

Fabric Carrots with ribbons.

If you like, you can put them in your big sisters ear.

Carrot in your ear, anyone?

Big sisters get rather cranky with you if you put them in her ear.

Yes, carrots in your ear.

So, why not put them in your own ears?

More carrots in her ears.

Much more fun to put them in your own ears.

My stylist.

OK, no more fabric carrots from me.

But I can't promise you that you won't end up with one in your ear.



  1. Very cute and undeniably perfect for a little bit of sibling ear poking!

  2. Oh, so cute!! I love this. And those carrots are so adorable. xx

  3. Children always have wonderful and inventive ways of using vegetables. If only my child was as enthusiastic about his carrots ;) They are lovely by the way and don't be scared about making a softie, if your carrots are anything to go by, you will create it beautifully.

  4. Those are some impressive fabric carrots! I love the fabrics you chose.

  5. Oh my gosh gorgeous carrots and a gorgeous post ! Your kids are supercute even with carrots in their ears !

  6. This post is so cute, I love it. What adorable pics and I am a big fan of your carrots :o)

  7. You've managed to find the prettiest ribbons on the market for your amazing carrots. I seriously adore them all and wouldn't mind at all if one poked me in the ear!

  8. They are very adorable - no wonder so many carrot photos - and so many uses, including ear poking!! Cute. Lou.


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