Monday, March 7, 2011

Monster Soup

Monster Soup

The weather was spectacular in Melbourne over the weekend. To me, it felt like the last throes of summer. Condensation on the car and chilly mornings leading to warm, sunny days. A summer that I still feel never really started this year. But anything is possible, Melbourne weather is unpredictable, and I actually like it this way, it is never boring or dull!

We spent as much time in our back garden as we could this weekend. I had bought some goodies from the local op shops: a little saucepan, spoons, tongs, an egg whisk, a soup ladle. Abbey was so excited to try out her new outdoor kitchen equipment.

Making monster soup.

Right away, she made this Monster Soup. She told me a Monster would love this soup. A Monster probably would. Made with dirt, sand, rocks, weeds and some of my plants. There was also chives and parsley for flavouring (but not my Grandpa's chives, some other ones in the garden we do not use)

This is her outdoor kitchen, some upturned empty pot plant holders.

Abbey's kitchen.

Both Abbey and Zoe had so much fun making a big mess.

I am sure we will be spending a lot more time out in the back garden while this warm weather lasts, maybe summer will hang on a little longer. I am hoping so.

Have a lovely week, peeps.


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  1. Oooh tell Abbey I love her Monster Soup! She's such a cute little chicken :)
    I swear, outside, messy muddy play = BLISS for young children :)
    P.S. Hmmm....i don't think I could possibly love Easter more than Christmas....but all that chocolate puts in a tight 2nd position :) I'm a celebration NUT I know :) xo

  2. That monster soup would have been delicious with the sand pies I use to make! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  3. Ha! Ha! love monster soup..reminds me of being a kid and making geranium petal mayonnaise (we had no idea what mayonnaise just sounded so grown up!)with the girl next door. A heap of fun!

  4. This is so cute, takes me back to my own childhood. Children are amazing with the wonders they create. New follower here and just wanted to say you have a gorgeous blog and shop! Love the name :o)

  5. That Monster Soup looks about the same as our 'Compost Soup'. Tasty...

    (I bet next summer is a scorcher and knocks our socks off!)


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