Thursday, September 29, 2011

My (messy) Creative Space

Messy space.

This week my sewing space looks like this.  Rather messy.  But good messy, in my opinion.  Lots in the making.  Nothing finished - yet.

I am in the middle of making some pink sparkly bunting, two rattle cubes and another assortment of zippered pouches.   Many of these will be Christmas presents.

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Happy Thursday to you.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

My (practical) creative space

Fabric coaster pile.

This week, my Creative Space has been about solving a few little problems by sewing some useful and practical objects.

Hong Kong, since we arrived in July, has been hot and humid.  I find we are all drinking cold water from the fridge more often, it helps you to cool down, from the inside.  But cups and glasses of cold water in a hot room sweat leaving little pools of water everywhere.

Sweaty glass.

So some fabric coasters had to be made.  No more little pools of water, the fabric coasters soak up the excess water.  Sweaty glasses problem - solved.

The second problem we had was chopstick transportation (the kids training chopsticks)  When going out for dinner, taking clean chopsticks for the girls is fine but bringing home dirty ones in your handbag or wrapped up in a flimsy serviette is not on (in my opinion)

Chop sticks zippered pouch.

So I made this extra long zippered pouch, lined with a waterproof fabric.  Kids chopstick transportation problem - solved.

Happy chop stick zip pouch

It took me two weeks, but I have now finished my latest stack of zippered pouches.  I had to take and share a photo.  I think they all look delicious.  Gosh I am so addicted to fabric.  I already have another (smaller) pile cut out and ready to sew up.

Lovely pile.

Happy creating (and problem solving) to you.  Visit all the other Creative Spaces here.

Cheers, Cat.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have been thinking and sewing

Red shoes.

Hello peeps,

Yes, I am still here.  Just.  I have been thinking of finishing my blog.  I could not see any point to it.  I could not be bothered with it. I had no desire to blog.  I don't know why, but today I am feeling different.

After a good think about it, I believe it is more than OK to blog when ever I like.  That could be a few times a week, or a few times a month.  I actually write one blog post, or more, almost every day - in my head.  I some how can't quite manage to publish most of them.  It usually comes down to time and not having enough of it.  Little girls and Shropshire boys need to be fed.  Clothes need to be washed.  Little girls love to have lots of tea parties, how can I refuse them?

Now my sewing space is all set up, I am managing to sew almost everyday.  Instead of turning the computer on, I turn on my sewing machine and I am absolutely loving it.  Maybe this year I really will make more Christmas presents than last year?  Maybe one day soon Ill get around to making some new shirts and dresses for me.

I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.

Until next time, whenever that may be, cheerio.

Cat xox

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My (sewing space) Creative Space

This week has been bliss.  Bliss because I have been sewing every single day.  This has not happened in the land of the Raspberry Rainbow for goodness knows how long.  It feels good.

The main reason is that last week I finally got my very own Hong Kong sewing space.   I don't mind that I am crammed in between a cupboard and a tower of packing boxes that still need to be emptied.  It is in the main room, full of lovely natural light during the day.  It is nice and easy for me to sit down for a few minutes of sewing in between every thing else I do (and no, it is no longer this neat and tidy)

My creating space.

I have made sure there have been things ready to sew, like this pile of zippered pouches.  Yes, more zippered pouches.  Can you ever have too many to use as gifts?  Um, no.

More zippered pouches

There has also been the birthday red delicious bunting to finish this week.  I decided to make Zoe two separate bunting strands to decorate her bedroom, so I kept on sewing.  I cut out so many bunting triangles, I will have maybe two more strands to use as gifts.  If I am feeling crazy energetic, I could open an etsy store? I have not decided if it would be too much of a commitment or not. Probably.

I was feeling inspired enough this week to take out my macro lens, brush off the cobwebs, and take some photos of this gorgeous pile of red delicious bunting triangles, before they were promplty sewn up.

FRed delicious fabric macro

Today is a crazy day, one little girl turns 2, one very excited big girl starts ballet lessons for the first time, and one bigger girl is getting very excited because her mum is coming to stay tomorrow.

If you want a peep at fabric shopping in Hong Kong, pop over and see my post from yesterday.

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Have a lovely Thursday peeps, Cat.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The day Hong Kong blew my mind

Way back in November of last year, I bought some gorgeous fabric from Craftumi seller Sew Classic.  Kennis who runs this shop was really helpful and told me about this blog post listing where to buy fabric in Hong Kong.

Last week, Zoe and I set off to explore the Sham Shui Po area, where many of the fabric shops are.  OH MY GIDDY AUNT.  I could never have been prepared for what we found.  It was amazing and unbelievable.  A fabric lovers heaven.  A crafters heaven.  Shops and shops of fabric samples.  Button shops.  Ribbon shops.  Lace shops. Bead shops.  So much, all in one area.

Fabric shops

A few shops are wholesale but the rest will sell fabric to the public with a minimum order (3 or 5 yards I found)  There is really so much fabric to choose from, all different types, some thing for everyone.

Fabric samples

Most fabric is not stored at these shops, you have to pay for it and order it in which can take 1-5 days.  So todays trip to Sham Shui Po was to pick up last weeks fabric orders.  I was very restrained (last week) and only got 3 different fabrics, one was a blue solid I needed to help finish off some bunting I am making.

Fabric anf samples

I also got these two gorgeous pink florals.  I want to make a skirt for me out of the first one and Abbey just informed me she likes it too.

Little pink flowers

How sweet are all the different colourways?

Today we found a huge shop of ribbons.  Ribbons only.  So many.  Drool.  It was difficult to choose any, I will have to go back when I have a project in mind to use them with.

Millions of ribbons.

This is Zoe in the ribbon shop, hiding behind a plastic container of celery.  As you do.

Look all all those ribbons.  There was one more aisle of ribbons, this photo only shows half of what this shop has.

Ribbon shop and celery`

I must say a big thank you to Catherine for posting this Chocolate Slice recipe.  I remember making it as a child all the time.  It is so easy to make and very yummy.  Zoe and I were snacking on it today (plus the celery)

Next week Zoe and I will go back and pick up todays selections.  I can not wait!

Cat xox

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My (red delicious) Creative Space

Take one cheeky girl turning two next week.  She usually has a dirty face.  She now has two chipped front teeth. A silly smile we see so often. A home made gift from mamma is in order.  Made with love.

That silly smile.  Again.

Add a pile of gorgeous fabric.  A red theme is happening here.

Red delicious

Slice and sew and arrange lovely fabric.

Red delicious buning order

Voila! You get this red delicious bunting.

Red delicious bunting up close and personal

Early Happy Birthday to you, my darling Zoe. You are our sunshine.

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Have a lovely day peeps.