Thursday, September 22, 2011

My (practical) creative space

Fabric coaster pile.

This week, my Creative Space has been about solving a few little problems by sewing some useful and practical objects.

Hong Kong, since we arrived in July, has been hot and humid.  I find we are all drinking cold water from the fridge more often, it helps you to cool down, from the inside.  But cups and glasses of cold water in a hot room sweat leaving little pools of water everywhere.

Sweaty glass.

So some fabric coasters had to be made.  No more little pools of water, the fabric coasters soak up the excess water.  Sweaty glasses problem - solved.

The second problem we had was chopstick transportation (the kids training chopsticks)  When going out for dinner, taking clean chopsticks for the girls is fine but bringing home dirty ones in your handbag or wrapped up in a flimsy serviette is not on (in my opinion)

Chop sticks zippered pouch.

So I made this extra long zippered pouch, lined with a waterproof fabric.  Kids chopstick transportation problem - solved.

Happy chop stick zip pouch

It took me two weeks, but I have now finished my latest stack of zippered pouches.  I had to take and share a photo.  I think they all look delicious.  Gosh I am so addicted to fabric.  I already have another (smaller) pile cut out and ready to sew up.

Lovely pile.

Happy creating (and problem solving) to you.  Visit all the other Creative Spaces here.

Cheers, Cat.


  1. Wow love the coasters AND the chopstick taker!!!
    Coasters are going to be needed here too in the very near future...might have to put it on my to do list.

  2. Love the chopstick pouch - do the restaurants not provide chopsticks when you eat out?

  3. Very cool ideas..we have the same problem here in the summertime with our drinks..I must make some more coasters before it gets hot! Love the pouches too.

  4. the fabric is gorgeoua. I love when crafty solutions are made for everyday problems

    enjoy the heat!

  5. OMG your stitching is perfect!!
    i made some coasters ages ago - and they did NOT look like that! Love the chopstick pouches too - that could be a new item for peeps over there?!!xx

  6. Gorgeous sewing! Those chopstick pouches are a great idea!

  7. Great ideas -love the pouches in bright fabric!
    Well done!
    Wish you a nice day

  8. love love love the zippered pouch! such great fabric.

  9. What fabulous & creative problem solving and an excellent insight into living in HK - who knew that byo chopsticks was the norm!

  10. Those coasters would definately come in handy here in Brissy. BYO chopsticks, ok, that is interesting, I can see where the zippered pouch would be very handy then, lovely bright colours you've chosen.:)Sam

  11. Those fabrics are adorable. You really have a knack! I would love to give those coasters a try. Looks like it might be within my sewing ability and I love a craft that is practical.

  12. Oh Cat, you just make the most beautiful things and turn the simple things in life into something pretty and special. I really love that talent of yours :o)
    Just loving those fabrics too!
    I'm serious, you could market those chopstick pouches there in Hong Kong, you'd be a sensation! xo

  13. Ooooh, great makes! I'm with you in your fabric addiction - can't resist :)

    Crochet is equally addictive BTW - very dangerous, hehe!

  14. We BYO the kids training chopsticks. The adults are usually supplied their own chopsticks, but some days we are given a spoon and a fork as we are "Westerners". If this happens, we have to ask for chopsticks :)

  15. Very very clever. Love the fabric too

  16. I love your problem solving :) They look great and I really love the fabric too! "

  17. Wow. I just LOVE all of this. So clever and bright and gorgeous! Well done.

  18. Gorgeous clever girl ! Love the coasters xx Ava

  19. Your fabric choices are so gorgeous - happy and bright! And your sewing skills are super impressive, I love seeing handmade things put to super practical uses!


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