Thursday, September 8, 2011

My (sewing space) Creative Space

This week has been bliss.  Bliss because I have been sewing every single day.  This has not happened in the land of the Raspberry Rainbow for goodness knows how long.  It feels good.

The main reason is that last week I finally got my very own Hong Kong sewing space.   I don't mind that I am crammed in between a cupboard and a tower of packing boxes that still need to be emptied.  It is in the main room, full of lovely natural light during the day.  It is nice and easy for me to sit down for a few minutes of sewing in between every thing else I do (and no, it is no longer this neat and tidy)

My creating space.

I have made sure there have been things ready to sew, like this pile of zippered pouches.  Yes, more zippered pouches.  Can you ever have too many to use as gifts?  Um, no.

More zippered pouches

There has also been the birthday red delicious bunting to finish this week.  I decided to make Zoe two separate bunting strands to decorate her bedroom, so I kept on sewing.  I cut out so many bunting triangles, I will have maybe two more strands to use as gifts.  If I am feeling crazy energetic, I could open an etsy store? I have not decided if it would be too much of a commitment or not. Probably.

I was feeling inspired enough this week to take out my macro lens, brush off the cobwebs, and take some photos of this gorgeous pile of red delicious bunting triangles, before they were promplty sewn up.

FRed delicious fabric macro

Today is a crazy day, one little girl turns 2, one very excited big girl starts ballet lessons for the first time, and one bigger girl is getting very excited because her mum is coming to stay tomorrow.

If you want a peep at fabric shopping in Hong Kong, pop over and see my post from yesterday.

So many creative people are having fun over here.

Have a lovely Thursday peeps, Cat.


  1. I love it that you have a sewing space to retreat to in the middle of everything - and am so dazzled by those fabric/ribbon shops! So pleased HK is working out for you xx

  2. Ooo open a store, open a store, pleeease :o)
    Your creations are always beautiful Cat, I can't believe you haven't already started selling them.
    Sounds like an exciting few days ahead. Birthdays and ballet and visits from loved ones, ahhh, doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy every minute Cat :o) xo

  3. Oh Cat lucky you, isn't it a great thing to have time and space set aside to sew. Some super sweet fabric going into those pouches.

    A shop is a sensational idea - I'm going to do it in the New Year when my littlest poppet goes to school - not sure my customer service will be up to scratch before then. x Alisa

  4. Beautiful! Seems you have alot of energy..sure you'll open a Etsy-store!

  5. Oh wow - those are some beautiful squares of fabric!!

    Jem xXx

  6. wowsers!! lucky you to have so much to choose from, trouble is, i dont think i could choose...bunting looks yummy!

  7. I am glad to hear you have been able to sew almost everyday!!! That fabric looks wonderful.

  8. your fabric stash is really yummy Cat! and you definitely cannot have too many zip purses.

    yay!you NEED to open up a store!!
    see how you feel about the whole commitment side to it though. don't pressure yourself.

    hugs ♥

  9. Sigh...yep, that last macro shot is perfect Cat x


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