Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sausage rolls, quilts and ideas. And a picnic or two.

Hello peeps,

We are back in Hong Kong, it is always wonderful to be home after a trip away, especially after a long one.   Don't get me wrong, we had a lovely time away,  but I missed my sewing machine and crafting time.

Abbey has started school again.  Zoe will start kinder in a few weeks.  We are getting back into our routine.

My week looks like this:
  • Cooking: yummy sausage rolls.  I love this recipe so much. It is easy and tasty and we all enjoy them.  They freeze very well (as either completed, un-cooked sausage rolls or the mince mixture by itself)
  • Cooking: yummy pasta salad.  I made enough to have it as left overs one night, so yay, a night off cooking.
  • Sewing: I have started another quilt, one for the Shropshire boy this time.  I'll share some photos soon.  I may be a little obsessed with it, no other sewing is happening.
  • Thinking: I really should sew the binding on to my scrappy trip quilt, it is so close to being finished. So very close (but not happening due to the previous point)
  • Eating: A precious bag of Burger Rings, brought back from Australia.  We can't buy them here in HK (probably a good thing!)
  • Playing:  with Zoe, lots.  Play picnics, colouring in, puzzles, reading books.  She is missing Abbey now school has gone back.  
  • Opening: My Etsy shop is now open again.  I have so many new ideas in my head and written down.  I better finish this quilt for the Shropshire boy pronto, then I can start on a few of these new ideas. 
How is your week looking?  Good I hope.

Take care, Cat xox

Picnic time