Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Everyday beauty.

Hello peeps,

I was clipping and trimming some curves today, and noticed how beautiful the off cuts were.

  Beautiful tiny fabric scraps.

They are tiny fabric scraps.  I used the macro lens on my DSLR to take these photos.

Beautiful tiny fabric scraps.

I had forgotten how much I love macro photography.

Beautiful tiny fabric scraps.

There is beauty everywhere, if you are open to see it.

Cat xox

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A quilt for Poppy

Hello peeps,

It is about time I share with you two quilts I made last year.  Both were presents for dear friends having babies.  I didn't share many photos on social media when I was making them, I did not want the recipients to know what I was up to.

Poppy quilt

The first quilt was finished in August for baby Poppy. I wanted to make a quilt that their baby would grow into, that their child would be able cherish for years to come.


It had to fit in their modern, bright, inner city apartment.  The gender of the baby was not known before birth.  These friends have their own wonderful style and flair. I wanted to add to this, not clash with it.  

Binding ready to go

I thought hard and long and believed triangles would suit them and that the Carolyn Friedlander fabric range "Botanics" would be perfect. I added a few coordinating solids also.


This is the 6th quilt I've made. It was my first time sewing triangles.  I quilted it myself in very wonky lines, outlining all the triangles.  I love how the back of the quilt looks.

Finished 4

I learnt so much making this quilt.  I learnt to embrace "wonky" even more.  I loved making this quilt. It was made with love for our friends, their friendship means so much to our family.

Finished 1 

I love the orange binding, I feel it makes the quilt pop.

  Finished 2 

It is quite big for a baby quilt, Poppy will grow into it. I can't wait for the adventures that Poppy and my girls will have together, in the future.

  Finished 3 

Here is a silly photo with me in it. Hi {waves}

I'll share the other quilt soon. 

Have a great week.  Cat xox

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rainbow Ric Rac Wall Art

Ric Rac Rainbow 

Hello lovelies,

This week I have been busy sewing up a rainbow ric rac storm.  Cushion covers will be coming soon, but first up I have finished my wall art pieces, these movable, portable rainbows to hang up and brighten your day.

Portable Rainbow

Each one is securely mounted in a 7 inch wooden embroidery hoop.

Rainbow ric rac on blue clouds

I currently have three different background fabrics - grey sketch, blue clouds or yellow clouds (Passing Clouds fabric designed by Eloise Renouf for Cloud 9 Fabrics, 100%  GOTS certified organic cotton)

Felt has been sewn onto the back for a neat finish.


They are now listed in my etsy shop.

Each one is unique and handmade my me.

Have a great day.

Cat xox

And then there were three

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A very loverly quilt

A loverly Quilt,1. 

 Hello peeps,

Earlier in the year I was asked by the lovely Cat from Wouldn't it be Loverly if I would consider making a custom quilt for her husband's 40th birthday.  I was flattered that she would ask (I've only finished 3 quilts so far), I consider myself a beginner quilter.   But.....I do love a good challenge and I want to improve my piecing and quilting, so I said yes (with much excitement) 

Strips, collage 

 Cat lives in Australia and I live in Hong Kong.  This whole quilt has been designed through the internet, with the help of email, instagram and pinterest (quilt design was inspired by this quilt)


I love the colour palette Cat chose - it is so different to my usual approach of use all the colours, all at once.

Quilting the night away.

How wonderful is the solid navy blue binding?  At first I was unsure of this, but Cat knew what she wanted, and I was quickly converted to see how it works perfectly.

Binding time.

I loved this quilt right from the start, and fell deeper in love with it the more I sewed and the more time I spent with it.


It was such a pleasure to make this quilt.  It warms my heart knowing that Cat and her husband and their children will be snuggled under it for years to come.


It washed up beautifully, looking nice and quilty and snuggly (and very, very wonky, but wonky is good)

Yes, it is HUGE.

Ta da!  All finished.

It is much bigger than my Grandma's quilt.

Thank you Cat, for trusting and believing in me, that I could make the quilt that you wanted.  I loved working with you.

Now, some time soon,  I probably should finish the three other quilts I have started.

Have a great day.

Cat xox

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wrapping Fabric

Hi peeps,

From now on, if you buy any of my handmade goodies, they will come to you, wrapped in fabric.

WF 1.jpg

I love wrapping up parcels of handmade goodies.  Using paper and knowing most of it would be put straight in the rubbish really got to me though.  So, now when I wrap using fabric, it can be used again and again. No more rubbish.

WF 4.jpg

The fabric I use is from the Sham Shui Po fabric street market.  I feel like I am rescuing the fabric.  Many fabrics have been there for a very long time waiting for some one to use them.  Now, these fabrics I buy have been sent all over the world and are being reused again (and again and again I hope)

Street market.jpg

I tie up each parcel with ribbon, no sticky tape is required (again, less waste).  The ribbon can be reused again and again also.

WF 2.jpg 

The beautiful handmade fabric cards by Here We Loopy Lou are a perfect match with my wrapping fabric (below).  I love Melinda's cards and must confess I have quite a collection of them now.

  WF 3.jpg

All the edges of my wrapping fabric have been overlocked (serged).

Last Christmas I wrapped most presents in fabric.

WF xmas.jpg

It feels good that my wrapping fabrics can be used again and that less paper is going into the rubbish or recycling bin.

Have a great week.

Cat xox

Friday, February 7, 2014

Raspberry Rainbow goes to Market: this Sunday

Hi peeps,

This Sunday 9th February you will find me at the Discovery Bay Plaza Handmade Hong Kong market.

I'll be there from 11am to 6pm with all my hand made goodies.

This Sunday!

Raspberry Rainbow will be at table 64B.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: gifts for teachers, school buddies and work kris kringles.

Hello peeps,

Today is the last installment of our handmade Christmas gift guide for 2013. Cat and I thought we would add this category in at the very end to give you ideas of some handmade and DIY options that are simple, cost effective and meet a variety of personality types.  Here are some ideas to cover teachers, kris kringle work colleague gifts, kindergarten and school friends.

Teacher and other gifts

1. Notebooks - surely everyone loves a notebook?  I do!  These are a great gender neutral option made by Trink Arts - $91 HKD available here and another option from Quimmz - $49 HKD available here.

2. Zippered Pouches, handmade by me - $99 HKD - I give these to my girls teachers with their name embroidered on the inside - available via my etsy store here.  See below for details on how to win one of my travel zippered pouches. 

3. Customisable Teacher print from My Sweet Prints $28 AUD - store here.

4.  Pens from Chibi Run - though not strictly handmade, Germaine from Chibi Run has an enormous variety of excellent stationery options in her store here $70 HKD - store here.

5. Wire angel covered in Liberty of London fabric $70 HKD from Jane Planet Joy - this is one very clever lady who I know some of you will already be familiar with via her lovely presence on Instagram. Jane uses divine Liberty of London fabric to cover wire and wooden letters and they make really fabulous gifts...I know because I've gifted several of them and kept a few for me.  This one is available here.

6. Canberra Creatives Creative Case.  This is a monthly craft-in-a-box Project Kit delivered to your door.  The gift can be a monthly one, three monthly, six monthly or for the full twelve months. Prices start at $169 HKD - for full details visit the Canberra Creatives website here

7. Reindeer food DIY - these are a great option for kindergarten/school friends.  There are loads of tutorials around and yes, we've all seen it on Pinterest but I like this one by Milk Please Mum here who had her little one write her name on the tags. 

8. Cat's salted caramel popcorn in a jar DIY!  Add the popcorn, sugar, salt, baking soda and some instructions.  Easy peasy!  See the instructions here.  What a fabulous idea.

9. Cloud brooch by Each to Own $141 HKD available here.

10. Bookmarks, these are made by Zippy Zippy - $70 HKD and are available here.

11. Polyhedra Note Cards (set of 10) $187 HKD. These are designed by the very awesome Messagemark and can be found here.

12. DIY polymer clay pinch pot.... I am at risk of being obsessed with polymer clay projects and this is a great, simple project to try via Spoonful here.

GIVEAWAY: I'd love to make one of our lovely blog readers a travel zippered pouch in their choice of fabric. Leave a comment here or on Cat's blog. One person will be chosen at random on Saturday 30 November in the evening (HK time) and I'll post anywhere in the world.

Thank you all so much for your lovely feedback on Facebook and Instagram in particular about our series, we've really enjoyed sharing our finds and love of the homemade and handmade with you.

Much love,
Cat and Cat.