Saturday, June 18, 2011

Somewhere, over the raspberry rainbow......

Raspberry Rainbow girl

During the day, I sort through our possessions, I cull, I drop things off at the opp shop, I give things away to friends, family and strangers on freecycle, I sell things on ebay.  I move boxes into storage, I cook, I wipe sticky hands and faces, I wash clothes and dirty dishes, I garden,  I hoover.  I negotiate with a 21 month old.  I talk about Hong Kong with a 5 year old, I do the kinder run.  I hoover some more. I read books to two eager little girls, we sing along to Mary Poppins. I change our address (again and again)  I do more sorting.  More culling.  Gosh, we have so many too many possessions. I wonder when this will end.

Insurance claims are refused.  I cry and swear.  I move on.

We start to say goodbye to friends and family. I try to remember to breathe. I squeeze in a little sewing in the evenings, my sanity saver.

Now, I know it will end soon.  The date has been set, 3 weeks from now.  Tickets have been issued.  The packers and shippers have been booked.  Excitement is building. Abbey is crossing off each day on a calendar. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. My Shropshire boy will soon be here to help with the last minute things.  He will take us to our new home.

This is really happening.  I am so excited and sad and happy and thrilled - all at the same time.

I won't be around much in blog land for a while. I will miss you all.  Soon, I will be back though, ready to share my new adventure with you, what ever that may be.

Love from Cat xox

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Autumn leaf vein.

It is OK not to be perfect.

It is OK to think you are having a mental breakdown, but really, you are ever so tired and stressed.

It is OK to cry.

It is OK to ask for help.

It is OK to tell ask your husband to come home from Hong Kong.  Immediately.

It is OK to miss your husband.

It is OK to organise some one else do the packing.

It is OK to not sort out every single box of junk right now.  It can wait.

It is OK to send lots of your clothes to the oppy.  Time for a change.

It is OK to buy fabric online from America when the Aussie dollar has been so strong and you need some retail therapy without leaving the house.  Just don't tell the Shropshire boy, OK.

It is OK not to blog consistently.

It is OK to stop being a control freak.

It is OK if the garage ceiling collapses 6 weeks before you are supposed to be moving overseas and renting out your house.  The estate agents can sort it out with the insurance company and the builders.  

It is OK to miss autumn.

It is OK not to like winter that much.  Soon I will probably be complaining about the heat and humidity in Hong Kong.

I have had a challenging couple of weeks. My Shropshire boy is back for 9 days to look after me and help get more things done before our big move (in 5 weeks time!)  I am feeling better already.

I am OK.  Now.

I hope you are all well.

Cat xox