Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Autumn leaf vein.

It is OK not to be perfect.

It is OK to think you are having a mental breakdown, but really, you are ever so tired and stressed.

It is OK to cry.

It is OK to ask for help.

It is OK to tell ask your husband to come home from Hong Kong.  Immediately.

It is OK to miss your husband.

It is OK to organise some one else do the packing.

It is OK to not sort out every single box of junk right now.  It can wait.

It is OK to send lots of your clothes to the oppy.  Time for a change.

It is OK to buy fabric online from America when the Aussie dollar has been so strong and you need some retail therapy without leaving the house.  Just don't tell the Shropshire boy, OK.

It is OK not to blog consistently.

It is OK to stop being a control freak.

It is OK if the garage ceiling collapses 6 weeks before you are supposed to be moving overseas and renting out your house.  The estate agents can sort it out with the insurance company and the builders.  

It is OK to miss autumn.

It is OK not to like winter that much.  Soon I will probably be complaining about the heat and humidity in Hong Kong.

I have had a challenging couple of weeks. My Shropshire boy is back for 9 days to look after me and help get more things done before our big move (in 5 weeks time!)  I am feeling better already.

I am OK.  Now.

I hope you are all well.

Cat xox


  1. Oh, IS OK. Especially when you have such a massive change on the horizon. Take care xx

  2. thinking of you sending you BIG no HUGE cyber HUGS XOXOXOXOX

  3. Oh Cat. I'm so sorry it's been so hard for you. I'm so sorry, I haven't asked how you are. And I'm sooooo glad that your man is home to be with you when you need him.

    Are you SURE I can't do anything? It sounds like madness at your place!


  4. So glad the man is coming home to help you. These last few weeks when everything everything everything needs to be done. Its endless and there is no way you should be expected to deal with it all by yourself. Get it all out on here, it does help! Big hugs to you.XXJ

  5. You poor thing Cat :o(
    All of the things on your list are totally OK and it's wonderful that you have realised that.
    Hope there are better, more relaxed weeks ahead for you, so you can enjoy the moving process, instead of dreading it xo

  6. I'm ok with your list of ok's! I am so glad Shropshire Boy is around to look after you..and all that garage roof stuff etc etc. Just put your feet up and close your eyes for a while..sweet dreams.

  7. It really really is OK. All of those things are more than OK. There really is no such thing as a supermum - we all need others around us to help ease the load. I know I certainly do! Hope you get a chance just to breathe and relax sometime very soon.

  8. YOUR BROTHER only has 16 days left! I finally had my break down yesterday! I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXO

  9. Oh Cat! What a time of it you are having. Glad your man is back to help out. Hang in there! Hope next week is MUCH less stressful.
    S x

  10. Go for it get ot all out there, we who read do feel for you , so feel good and yes the humidity will get to you , look on the bright side to hot to cook so off to a restaurant, for tea . And think of those lovely Portugese tarts you can fill up on when it all gets too too much.

  11. I'm really OK now! Thanks Cat. Hope you are really, really OK!! x

  12. I'm really OK now! Thanks Cat. Hope you are really, really OK!! x

  13. It sure is OK Cat! You poor thing, I remember how that feels, moving back to Australia from the UK was pretty blah. Take it easy, be kind to yourself, it'll all come together. I'm glad your hubby is back to help.
    Big hugs, Alisa xx


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