Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sausage rolls, quilts and ideas. And a picnic or two.

Hello peeps,

We are back in Hong Kong, it is always wonderful to be home after a trip away, especially after a long one.   Don't get me wrong, we had a lovely time away,  but I missed my sewing machine and crafting time.

Abbey has started school again.  Zoe will start kinder in a few weeks.  We are getting back into our routine.

My week looks like this:
  • Cooking: yummy sausage rolls.  I love this recipe so much. It is easy and tasty and we all enjoy them.  They freeze very well (as either completed, un-cooked sausage rolls or the mince mixture by itself)
  • Cooking: yummy pasta salad.  I made enough to have it as left overs one night, so yay, a night off cooking.
  • Sewing: I have started another quilt, one for the Shropshire boy this time.  I'll share some photos soon.  I may be a little obsessed with it, no other sewing is happening.
  • Thinking: I really should sew the binding on to my scrappy trip quilt, it is so close to being finished. So very close (but not happening due to the previous point)
  • Eating: A precious bag of Burger Rings, brought back from Australia.  We can't buy them here in HK (probably a good thing!)
  • Playing:  with Zoe, lots.  Play picnics, colouring in, puzzles, reading books.  She is missing Abbey now school has gone back.  
  • Opening: My Etsy shop is now open again.  I have so many new ideas in my head and written down.  I better finish this quilt for the Shropshire boy pronto, then I can start on a few of these new ideas. 
How is your week looking?  Good I hope.

Take care, Cat xox

Picnic time


  1. I love your bright photos! And while a holiday is nice, it's good to be home with your things, and with a routine again. (And not staying with other people!) Welcome home.

  2. Hi was interesting to note that HK is really 'home' now. All the best in getting all those new ideas translated into reality and the shop. The picnic spread is fantastic!

  3. Lovely to here you're settled back again, and that you enjoyed your trip! That picnic spread is awesome!

  4. My week is definitely not as busy as yours!! My kids are back at school next week so we are just taking it easy and enjoying our last few days of freedom. But to be honest the routine of school suitsme much better and I'm looking forward to having a lot more time for my crafting.
    Rosie xx


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