Thursday, March 31, 2011

My (carroty, part 2) Creative Space

Fabric carrots.

The topless carrots have been dressed finished. They are just a bit cute, I think. And squishy. I like squishy.

Carrot tops.

Clare's look really good with the ribbons added, but I did not have any carroty looking ribbon and had no budget to get any this week. All these carrots were made with fabric from my stash.


I had to make a Very Hungry Caterpillar carrot for our librarian, I know she will love it.

I survived kinder duty last week. It was exhausting and non-stop, but so much fun. I enjoyed chopping up the fruit, I had way too much fun arranging it on the trays artistically (I wish I had taken my camera to take a photo) The best bit was the singing and dancing to music while walking around the room. Yes I did join in, it was a hoot, especially pretending to be a kangaroo!

It was so special to see my big girl at kinder, playing, crafting and interacting with her her friends. Not to mention her new favourite kinder activity - playing in the mud pit. She comes home filthy, which is OK with me. Her pretty skirts are certainly not quite so pretty any more.

Want to see a whole lot of Creativity? Pop over to Kirsty's for some inspiration.

Happy Thursday to you.


(If you don't want a carrot in your ear, don't look here)


  1. They look great. My hubby used to laugh at me being so tired after kinder duty, but I found it totally exhausting - but also totally worth it!

  2. Oh they are lovely!!! I love the very hungry caterpillar fabric :) Lucky librarian :)

  3. Very cute carrots indeed, squishy is good!

    I have fruit duty tomorrow... I'm afraid I'll cut up the fruit wrong... is it possible to cup up fruit wrong...?!

  4. LOVE your stash fabrics - that heart one is gorgeous. Don't things look great when you make a stack of them?!! And well done with kinder duty. I always seem to run away to get my stuff done while she's there, but it would be fun to stay.

  5. Tasty looking carrots - great fabric selection and awesome photos to! Thanks for stopping by my space. You have inspired me i am going to put up a part 2 too!

  6. Love those carrots, don't they look great all together!

  7. These are so beautiful! I love the fabrics you've chosen - especially great that they are from your stash!

    I've been doing fruit duty every week too - I don't get to set it out artistically tho unfortunately! It just goes in a plastic tub! :(

  8. The librarian is going to love getting her squishy carrot. What a thoughtful and clever Easter gift. :)

  9. OOOhhh they are so very cute, and WAY better all finished, just had to come back to see them finished. Well done!

  10. I don't think I could ever get sick of those lovely carrots. xx

  11. They are so cute!! I must give them a go myself!

  12. ooo they are adorable! Love your fabric selections too.

  13. Love those carrots!!! And yes, I love kinder too (actually it was once my first started kinder that I decided to go back to uni and retrain as a teacher)...too much fun :-)

  14. these are just the cutest! love the fabric choice.
    new follower


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