Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nine years ago today......

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Nine years ago today, the sun was shining, it was a warm autumn day in Melbourne. I was full of nerves. It was my wedding day.

Just married.

I married my love, my Shropshire boy, in a small ceremony at the magical Montsalvat. Our reception was held Upstairs at The London. Rather fitting we thought, as we met in London. It was a wonderful day. I had so much fun celebrating with our close friends and family (also missing some special people who were unable to travel from the UK to attend)

Upstairs window.

These nine years have gone so fast. We have bought our first home together, we have made our own little family, two gorgeous girls call us mummy and daddy. I still love your English accent. We still love the same music. I look forward to being a family again when we are all living in Hong Kong together.


Happy Anniversary, my love. See you on the weekend.

Love from Cat.

Our wedding photos were taken by Ian Clark from Studio Imagery.


  1. Happy Anniversary Cat. You look so happy and gorgeous xx

  2. What a lovely tribute, Congratulations on 9 years Cat, it's a big achievement!
    I love wedding photos, this selection is gorgeous. You both look so happy and at ease... always nice to see a chilled out bride and groom on their big day :o)

  3. Happy Anniversary Cat...beautiful nearly made me tear up to know you two are apart so much as you're obviously so much in love. xox

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Congrats on nine great years!

  5. I hope you had a very special day xxx

  6. happy anniversary gorgeous girl! hope you had a great day with your love.

    wishing you many, many more special memories created together.

    big squishy cuggles ♥

  7. Happy Anniversary Cat! We just celebrated 10 years. It's fabulous! Of course, much more fabulous when you live in the same country. But soon. Very soon! xx

  8. How on earth did I forget to mention that we too, were married at Montsalvat? Isn't it the most amazing place?


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