Friday, July 23, 2010

One pink banana: My Creative Space

I have been making felt fruit and vegetables. I am finding it lots of fun. Of course, Abbey wanted her own take on the banana, and had to have a pink one. Looks rather odd to me!

This is my first time playing along with Kirsty for My Creative Space (after a long time watching)

Cheers, Cat


  1. hope you have fun joining in. Your felt fruit looks great and I love the fact that you made a pink banana for abbey. bet she thinks it looks really good.

  2. yummy bananas!
    would they work in banana bread :)

  3. Oh they are really great! Well done. I love the pink banana! I've been digging out my felt to make food, now you have inspired me a bit more to get cracking on it!

  4. These are fun, I thought the pink banana was very funny... great name for a blog I think, unless there's one already!! LOL

  5. Very cute. Even the pink banana.


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