Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Hi peeps,

Yes, it may be Tuesday, but here are my Sunday Snippets, I am joining in with Tinnie Girl again this week.  My week in a photographic nut-shell.

Party preparations were full swing.  Hair bobbles for the girls.

Today it's all about circles. Lovely round pieces of fabric, soon to be made into hair bobbles/hair ties.

Fridge magnets for the boys.

Fridge magnets (28mm) for the boys goodie bags. #homemade #partypreparations

The Unicorn Dress was finished in time for the party.  It is my most beautiful failure. More about that another time.  I am devastated, in a crafty way.

One Unicorn dress. Finished just in time for tomorrows birthday party.

My Instagram photos are now for sale on Instacanv.as.  This is great for anyone who lives in the USA, but shipping to the rest of the world is very expensive (they hope to change that.  I hope they do)

My instacanv.as gallery is now open! My photos are for sale! #instacanvas

The birthday party was a success.  The cake was amazing and delicious.

The Birthday cake.

The day after the birthday party, Abbey sat her first ever ballet exam (she wanted to do this, it was her choice)  I am such a proud mumma, she handled all of this new experience with such ease (I fear I was more nervous than her!)

Last minute ballet practice before their exam. #proudmamma

Have a great week.  Cat.


  1. Sounds like it was a fantastic party!!
    The dress looks gorgeous Cat - what happened!?X

  2. Um, Helloooooo Kitty! That cake is AMAZING! Did you make that Cat?? Just gorgeous, a masterpiece.
    Love the fridge magnets for the boys too.
    Oh NO! The unicorn dress, I'll wait to read the story on that one.
    Oh your gorgeous girl in her ballet best, what a mature young lady you have there.

    1. Hehe, no Julie, I can't make cakes like that! It was made by another expat mum very close to where we live. How clever is she?!

  3. Bursting with colour kind of week you've had! Great pics & well done on your gallery! I've decided to open one too, we'll see how it goes. BIG congrats to your little girl, wowee.x

  4. Gosh I love what you make. The colours just make me feel light and warm.

    So clever and inspiring. x


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