Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lisette Continental Dress Sew Along

Hi peeps,

Only 2 months after it started, I finally finished my Lisette Continental Dress, part of the CurlyPops fabulous Sew-Along.  To be fair (to me!) I was not able to begin my dress until the end of March.

Lisette Continental dress 

I am not that happy with the sizing on the pattern, it is very confusing.  The pattern measures up quite big - it is a roomy dress. It needs to be roomy to get it on and off, as there is no zipper.  My bust measured up for a size 12, and my hips and waist measured between sizes 15-16.  I measured the actual pattern pieces, and there appeared to be enough room for me to cut out a size 14 of the dress.  I used a fabric I was not that bothered with, just in case it did not work.  My gamble paid off - the size 14 is good on me, a little roomy actually, so I could probably make the size 12 next time.

Lisette Continental Dress 3

I adjusted as I sewed, trying it on after each step.  I took 1.5cm off the shoulder seams and a similar amount off the armholes as they were gaping (I tapered the seam like Cam did in this post)

There were some very helpful instructions with the pattern to make it a multi-size, if you did measure up differently for bust, waist and hips, I chose to ignore these this time as I liked trying on as I sewed, adjusting to my actual body.  I noted all the adjustments on my pattern, so when I make the dress again, it will be even quicker.

Listette dress 2

I did find it a very easy dress to sew. It comes together so quickly.  I added belt loops too, I thought this was a good idea Cam.  I want to add some pockets, they would be very handy.

It is very comfortable to wear.  I will have to make some more as Hong Kong is starting to heat up, it feels like summer is here already - but I know it will get warmer still.

Listette Continental Dress 4

I have the Lisette Passport dress pattern too, I am now eager to make this one, and see which one I prefer.

Thank you to the Shropshire boy for taking these photos of me in my new dress.  I am wearing it as I type this, it is so comfy.

Thank you to Cam from CurlyPops for holding this sew-along.  I have finally made some thing for me!

Have a great weekend.  Cat


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous!
    I love wearing mine on super hot days so it should be perfectly for Honkers. Is that the view from your apartment?

  2. Lovely Cat!
    I made one too recently, but haven't snapped any pics yet. I was also surprised at how big the sizing was.
    I plan to make some more but will need to layer them now because even Brisbane is getting very chilly.

  3. It's a wonderful dress! It looks nice on you and the fabric is really fun without looking fussy or busy.

  4. It's gorgeous Cat! Love the fabric and the pattern itself suits you beautifully! How clever are you, making your own clothes, awesome!
    And the Shropshire Boy did a good job with the shots too... you two make a helluva team! xo

  5. you are so cute Cat! loving the dress and the pics.
    well done Cat ♥

  6. Its beautiful! Lovely fabric, you look great..


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