Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music for my ears

Today I am listening to the new album "Modern Day Addiction" from Clare Bowditch. I am loving it.

Her website sums it up perfectly:

Modern Day Addiction is not a product but a handcrafted, heartcrafted masterpiece. It’s a response to the issues we all face, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, influenza, status anxiety and pathological consumerism. Topics that could be thought of as worthy, earnest and dry, Clare Bowditch manages to sex up, rock out and wrap up in warmth and a human heartbeat and a cheeky, very grown up, irreverence.

Modern Day Addiction crackles with raw passion and wisdom with Bowditch both the scientist and the guinea pig. The message is yes; we are all flawed and broken. But we’re good enough, better than this and not alone. Experiencing the album, the listener feels immersed in clarity and embraced in Bowditch’s arms as she whispers truth and comfort. She helps us make our armour, and tells us we must wear ourselves. As the music soothes we are released with the knowledge that it’s not just us trying to get to a better place.

I have enjoyed all her albums, I think she is so talented.

Enjoy your Sunday. Cat


  1. I'm a big fan of the divine Ms Bowditch too. Very much looking forward to downloading this one. In fact, I'm off to do that right now! x

  2. Oooh, thanks so much for the recommendation.
    I am so in the market for some new tunes.
    I'm off now to download it too.
    Enjoy what's left of the weekend.


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