Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week-a-boo: our weekend

Yesterday, we had a (very casual) afternoon tea party to celebrate Zoe's first birthday. My mum made a fantastic lady bug cake, and my dear friend Nell made cupcakes, which we decorated with some icing lady bugs (made by Bel from Enticing Icing)

It was a lovely afternoon tea, being surrounded by close friends and family, celebrating Zoe's first year. We had a surprise visitor too - my QLD sister-in-law Stepfie "gate crashed" the party. My littlest brother was going away for the weekend on a man-cation (as Stepfie called it), so he booked her a flight to Melbourne, and my mum (just) managed to keep it a secret all week. It was the most lovely surprise, we have not seen her since our holiday back in July.

I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of pink champagne, but was too busy taking to everyone to manage a second glass (how annoying, hehe)

Abbey helped open most of the birthday girls presents, and also had to blow out the candle on the cake. Big sisters can be very helpful.

I am sure the best bit for Zoe was having her first ever whole piece of cake (not just a mouthful, but her own piece) She really enjoyed it, and managed to get red icing in both her ears too.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend too. Visit Claire for more week-a-boo's, and visit Kasia for more weekend fun.
Cheers, Cat.


  1. Oh what lovely pics! Gorgeous girl is one - bet the year has flown!!

  2. OMG that cake is gorgeous! I love ladybug themes and that cake is AMAZING :) cute is Zoe's little cake covered face....first b'days are so much fun!
    Thanks for joining in Cat...I always love having a peek into your weekend. Have a great week xo

  3. Happy birthday Zoe! How exciting for your family - and what a gorgeous cake!

  4. Thanks for joining in {kiddy art..}.. what a great cake!! My little lady's first birthday was ladybug themed too.. And all the guests came wearing something red.. Seeing your pics just made all those memories come flooding back.. Thank you!!

  5. Great party! I attempted the ladybug cake for Goose's 2nd birthday, but I stupidly made it out of icecream and we had a very hot pink ladybug!
    The cake all over the face picture is priceless! Hope you got to sit down after the kids were in bed that night and have that second glass....

  6. Yay so glad the little lady bugs worked out well. Looks like that cake was a huge hit too. 1st birthdays are so much fun!


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