Monday, September 13, 2010

At my house.....

Zoe's birthday week is officially over. I still can't believe she is one. The last year has flown past so quickly.....

This week I will finish clearing and cleaning up from her afternoon tea party. Not that there is much to do actually, I have just been going very slowly.

Zoe has been helping me to hang out the washing, kind of....

Abbey has been making what she calls amazing inventions, by raiding the kitchen draws...

Doctor Abbey has been attending to a sick Dotty doll.

Last week my mum and I took my Grandma over to see her little sister, my Great Auntie, the girls Great, Great Auntie. Grandma and her sister talk on the phone every week, but don't get to see each other very often anymore. It is always lovely to see them together, they have been sisters for almost 80 years now, quite impressive. I love visiting as my Great Auntie always makes the most amazing egg sandwiches. They taste so good as she uses the eggs from her own chickens. This visit she made us a passion fruit sponge cake. I don't normally eat, or like, many cakes, but I am so glad that I tried this cake, as it was AMAZING! Look how yellow it is, she made this with her own chicken's eggs too. She also gave me her sponge cake recipe. One day, when I am feeling brave, I'll give it a try.

The bad news about this visit was that Zoe came home wheezing. My Auntie has two long haired cats, and Zoe was crawling all over the house, chasing one of the cats. Being allergic to cats runs in both my family and Chris's family. I am in denial, for now, I so don't want her to be allergic as some dear friends we know also have cats. Not that I have any control over this. Poor Zoe.

Pop over and visit Lou for more fun.

Have a great week. Cat.


  1. Oh, my kids love pegs and the kitchen drawer too! Sponge looks yummy!

  2. great start to the week Cat! doctors set is great, mine love it too.
    fingers crossed Zoe isn't allergic.
    yummy things at your place too.
    happy week

  3. Lovely to see some creative playing going on at your house.
    I'm also scared of making sponge cakes and in awe of anyone who can do them well. Really can't go past the traditional passionfruit one. YUM!

    Thanks for joining in again this week Cat. Lou.

  4. How lovely to have a recipe handed down to you from your great aunt. Hope you get to try it and that she may get to taste test it!

  5. I loved to hear about the two sisters , what a sweet thing .

  6. I love your photo of Zoe in there having lots of fun amongst the pegs, special times.

    That cake your Great Aunt made looks delicious, definitely hard to resist a try.

    Enjoy your week.:)

  7. I love all of these photos! Love the creativity from the girls! hehe I have tagged you in my latest post - you should pop by and have a read :)

  8. Oh have a sick dolly too?? So does Ella....everyday she is attending to a sick dolly or teddy LOL!!
    Love you "At My House" antics! Such fun as always!

  9. Aww aren't they sweeties....both being so helpful! Went over to read about Granny and enjoyed the story. Her brooch looks so pretty and so unusual. and her cake does look quite tasty, with ALL that cream in the middle!! :)))


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