Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One: Love letter to Zoe

Dearest Zoe,

Today you turn 1. One. 12 months old.

How is that possible?

How has it gone so quickly?

Have I really only known you for one year?

It feels like I have known you forever.

I can NOT imagine a time in my life that you were not here.

Not much else can be said, I have already said it all before.

Happy first birthday Zoe.

Love you so much, gorgeous girl.

Mummy xoxxox


  1. Oh, Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!! Have a lovely day x

  2. Happy 1st Birthday Zoe! What a special day!

  3. Oh happy birthday to your sweet one year old! What a lovely post, those first pictures of a new baby with their mama just always melt my heart..

  4. Happy first birthday Zoe!! And what a beautiful child you are! Hope your Mummy has made you a big cake that you spread right across your face :)
    Big kisses for your birthday! xx

  5. happy birhday big eyed beautiful girl!
    ♥ beautiful post!

  6. What a beautiful post.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your work here, am now a follower.

  7. Such a beautiful little girl and such wonderful pictures...happy birthday little one.

  8. Happy birthday small one. Happy birthday Mum.


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