Monday, September 27, 2010

At my house.....

We have had a very quiet week. Two little girls had runny noses (one of them was also cutting two new teeth), and one big girl (me!) sick with a razor blade sore throat, aching ears, cold flushes and just general aching all over. It really is no fun looking after kids when you are sick, especially when your husband is away for two days and one night on a work trip. We seemed to live in our pj's for most of the week (which was fun)

I am almost better, but the little girls still have runny noses.

Today we have had the most lovely day. My dear friend Ruth who I have known since primary school is visiting Australia. We have been friends for 27 years.

Ruth lives in South America now, after many years in London. Chris and I met through Ruth and her husband, and she was bridesmaid at our wedding. Cupcake Nell and her two kiddies came over too, and we had the most lovely time catching up, drinking tea, eating chicken and avocado rolls and chocolate brownie slice.

On the weekend we made these hand print art works. One hand print from each of us on a page, a different colour each. Blue for daddy, purple for me, pink for Abbey and red for Zoe. It was quite difficult getting a good hand print from Zoe, she wanted to eat the paint.

Join in, and visit Lou to see what other peeps are doing this week.

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Have a lovely week.



  1. I love those great hand paintings, precious! I hope your girls are better nice & quick..

  2. Well it is all happening at your house. Yucky sick bits that seem to be very common around at the moment (especially not nice with hubby away!), a lovely day with friends (and yummy sounding food) and some cool crafting. Those paintings will be so nice to keep (well one of them I guess). What a great family activity.

    Thanks so much for having us at your house again. Lou.

  3. I hope the sniffles clear up soon. It'd help if we got some more sunshine here in Melbourne. It sounds like you've had a lovely time with your friend which is very special.

  4. thanks for joining in cat.. i just loooove hand prints!!

    I have made a little ritual of getting a hand print each mothers day from the kids (so its around the same time each year) and keeping them together in a scrap book.. so I can look back on it when they fly the coop..

  5. glad to hear you're feeling better, i can only imagine how rough it would be to look after sick kids while being sick yourself! good thing you had a lovely visit to look forward to :)


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