Thursday, September 2, 2010

My (Christmas) creative space

Not much creating going on. Today, lots of Christmas present wrapping. The sea mail cut-off deadline is fast approaching. I have been buying and making (a few) presents all year for our family in the UK.

Always time to play with some fabric, though.

Happy creative spaces to you.



  1. Wow - you're super-organised! I haven't even started to think about Crimbo yet.

  2. love the wrapping paper I was hoping it was fabric.

  3. I'm glad someone else is making Christmas presents - I'm also working hard to meet the deadline for posting to Australia and trying to get stuff ready to take back to the UK when I visit in October!! I just haven't got anywhere near the wrapping stage yet!

  4. The silly thing is, I have been ready to wrap for over a month now, but keep putting it off. It does not feel like Christmas yet. But I can't miss the sea mail cut off, so today is the day!

  5. I'm with Amanda, that would be some awesome fabric, seems wasted on wrapping paper, it's just gorgeous!

  6. Thinking of Christmas already...?! You have been crafting for it all year....?!



  7. To set the record straight, I am not THAT organised. I have, so far, only made a few things, all the rest of the presents I have bought (most from markets - I am trying to go all hand made, but not always possible) My list of things still to make has been written for months, and only a few things made. It is so hard not being able to show them now, as my English SIL reads my blog from time to time.

  8. How organised! Love the last pic - super cute!


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