Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where do Polar bears watch TV?

Where do polar bears watch TV, I was asked this morning. Little Miss 4 wants to know. She was most perturbed that they DO NOT watch TV at all. And all the other animals? Where do they watch TV? I told her she was lucky to have a TV, but she was still thinking about polar bears and paying me little attention.

She must have gotten over the shock that polar bears do not have TV's, as she soon asked me more questions (all polar bear related)
What do polar bears eat?
They live in igloos, right?
Where do they sleep?

Oh Abbey darling girl, you make me laugh with all your questions!

On a completely unrelated note, the next best thing I have heard today was Abbey saying to her baby sister: we don't eat toilet paper, Zoe.

Have a lovely day peeps. Cat


  1. lol, well she's quite right, we don;t eat toilet paper! haha The bloody questions are never ending! :)e

  2. This is brilliant... and since you are so good at answering polar bear-related questions, can you tell me what sound they make? I am reduced to making roar sounds for bears of all kinds (and tigers, and rhinos, and hippos), so now when my own Little Miss points at them in books she either moos like a cow or roars like a lion (bear/hippo/tiger)!


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