Friday, August 20, 2010

So rare

I had to take a photo.

A completely clean, empty, kitchen table. It does not happen very often around here.

It did not last long either.

Have a lovely weekend.


PS: Come and join in on my Window Sill project.


  1. I hope you got to enjoy that beautiful (clear) table for at least five minutes!

  2. i also get such enthusiasm from clear spaces in my house! such a rarity these days!

  3. And can I say what a lovely table it is too! and I especially love the chairs. Enjoy your weekend. x

  4. Ha! Mine is covered in folded washing at the moment. I suppose I should be putting it away rather than being on the computer!

  5. That is definitely cause for a photo!
    I don't think that has ever happened here.
    Hope you are having a happy weekend.


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