Sunday, August 15, 2010

What's on your window sill? Come and join in.

So what is on your window sill? Any window sill in your house, shed or garage, actually. There is only one window sill in my house that is decorated - my kitchen window sill. I guess I spend quite a bit of time here too, cooking, baking, washing dishes, cleaning. On my window sill I have an assortment of items, many of them quite sentimental. I have taken some photos, and will explain why each item is here.

I wish I had a pretty view out of my kitchen window, but I don't. It looks out to our neighbours car port, at least they are lovely people and we like saying hello to them.

Please ignore the dirty windows! How do you clean your windows when they have the metal security grills on?

First on my window sill, from left to right, I have a cute wooden puppy dog. I got this one in Prague, possibly my favourite city to visit. I just love Prague, I could happily get lost in the streets of Prague for days, just exploring. I bought one of these puppy dogs for one of my brothers after I first visited Prague back in 1998. I gave it to him, and would see him sitting on my brother's kitchen window sill, and I would always wish I had got one for me. So when I went back to Prague for one day in 2007, I made sure I got one for me.

The stones with "Cat" and "Chris" on them are from our wedding. We used these as name placements on all the tables at our wedding (luckily, we only had 52 people at our wedding - still a lot of stones to write on!)

I have two more plain stones, I want to write Abbey's and Zoe's name on them, not got around to doing it yet. The glass holding the paint brushes has been here for months, I keep meaning to tidy them away, but I just like the look of them.

Next, in a chipped latte glass, living in water, I have the last of an African violet. My Grandma gave me the plant years ago. The plant has died, but I have managed to keep this last piece of it alive. I really should put it in some soil one day (soon)

The little grass growing out of the decorated plastic cup is Abbey's. It was an activity she did one day at our local library, when they have story time - which also involves stories, singing, dancing, and an arts and crafts project at the end.

Next I have some indoor plants. I love real plants indoors. I used to have lots more, before children. Before I found Abbey eating the soil and dropping more all over the floor. The first two plants are special, as good friends have given them to me.

The third was a leaf that fell off one of the others, and I planted it in some soil, and it is now growing bigger into its own plant.

So what is on your window sill? Anything interesting? Please do share it with us.

I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but was too scared I wouldn't be able to figure out Mr Linky. Hopefully he works :)

Have a great Sunday, Cat.


  1. Our sills aren't all that interesting :-)

  2. Hello Cat, cute blog and this is a great idea. Here's what's on my windowsill:


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