Monday, August 16, 2010

At my house...

I am enjoying my new shoes. I just love them. They match perfectly with my favourite skirt.

We are having a quiet week, still recovering from two birthday parties on the weekend. The third birthday party at least is on next weekend.

Have you read Lou's honest post about not being a superwoman? I agree with all she says, I try to do so much, but something has to give. This week my house is rather messy as last week every spare second was spent making birthday presents. I enjoyed making all the presents, and I would rather be sewing and making things than washing and cleaning, but my family needs to be fed. Now I feel guilty that I have spent no time on any sewing for my Raspberry Rainbow shop. It is a constant balancing act. At the end of the day though, I am grateful my life is so full.

Because I am no superwoman, I am combining two posts into one (again) Here are a few photo's of the last few presents I made for the little birthday people (for last weekend)

Abbey and I had a few joint crafting sessions in the last few weeks, and Abbey designed this bag for Miss turning 5. Abbey made some of the flower templates, and she chose all of the felt colours to use. I helped with the rest.

We got the idea from this great book, called "Fairy things to stitch and Sew". The book has some fantastic ideas in it, I know we will be making many more things from it in the future.

Little Miss turning 5 is the daughter of one of my nearest and dearest friends. I wanted to make her some thing special from me, so I made this skirt. I have made lots of skirts, but I have never decorated one like this before. I am really pleased how it turned out, I'll be making some for Abbey and Zoe for this summer now, with different fabric combinations.

I also made a few matching yo-yo hair clips.

Abbey has been having fun with a helium balloon she got at one of the birthday parties. Chris and I have had an interesting time trying to explain to her what helium and gas is.

Now I am off to finish making the last few birthday presents and try to tidy, and maybe even clean, our house. But I better get dressed first, and finish my breakfast, and read a few blogs.......

Visit Lou for more.

Have a great week. Cat


  1. I like the cute bag and great that your daughter helped design it! Yo-Yo flowers on the skirt looks good too.

  2. Loving those shoes, and that bag is so cute! I've got a small stash of fabric squares I'm hoping to turn into a tote/library bag for my little boy.

    Sometimes I wish I had a little girl just for all the sweet little flowery butterfly pink and sparkly things. Although I'd probably be horribly horribly poor if I had a little girl - so many gorgeous outfits to buy, and all the accessories!

  3. Love the shoes, and the bag and the skirt. The bag looks like a fantastic project to do together. Lots happening at your house. Never enough time in the day is there...

    Thanks for joining in again this week Cat. Lovely having you 'at my house'. Lou.

  4. I have serious shoe envy ... they are GORGEOUS. Lovely handmade pressies too x


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