Monday, August 23, 2010

At my house.....

The last week has been tough. Chris was sick for 4 days, with some awful diarrhea bug, so he spent most of it in bed or running to the toilet. Luckily, no one else caught it and he is better now :) During these same 4 days, Zoe cut 2 new teeth, and was very unsettled and cranky overall (as you would be, cutting new teeth)

Him being out of action for 4 days made me realise he does help a lot around the house - especially with Abbey. She really missed him when he was sick. At the end of each day, I was shattered.

I am exhausted now. It may take all week to feel human again, I can see lots of Nana naps for me.

I got to take Abbey to her gymnastics class on Saturday morning as Chris was still recovering. I loved seeing her, a different Abbey, participating in class. I was so proud with her behaviour - she listens to her teacher, waits her turn, asks questions politely, and asks for help if she needs it. If only she was like this for me!

Zoe has been helping unpack the shopping.

We made pikelets. Again. This recipe is the best (we leave out the blueberries, and I use 1 cup of wholemeal SR flour, 1 cup SR flour) Abbey asks for them at least once a week, not that I make them that often.

Abbey has been dressing up the wombat.

And we had a busy weekend.

This post has seriously taken me 4 hours to write in between making lunch, a walk to the park and being referee to 2 little girls not sharing toys (read as: baby taking big sisters toys left lying around, and big sister not liking this)

Have a great week peeps, Cat


  1. Oh, I hope Chris is feeling better! Very lucky that you all escaped getting that bug from him! Yes...I agree, when our men are out of realise how much they actually do :)
    And I had to giggle with this post taking u four hours...I'm the same...a simple post can take FOREVER somedays with the constant interruptions :)
    I'm so addicted to your blog Cat :)

  2. Lots of lovely normal happenings at your house. Love it. Well, not that you had a sick Chris, but that it is nice to read normal sometimes. Certainly would not be easy to be a single parent. Also I agree with Claire, lucky the sickness didn't go through the whole family.

    I appreciate you joining in today even though it took you so long to write - I can also relate to that one!!

    Love you having fun with the pikelets :)

    Lovely to read and hope you do get to have a few of those nana naps. Lou.

  3. It looks like things have been busy at your house with lots of fun things happening and sweet pictures to remember your day. I hope your hubby gets back to his well self soon.:)

  4. Oh I am so glad the bug didn't spread! Fantastic immune systems :) I actually LOVE the photo of Zoe with the shopping! One of the jobs I dread and she reminds me to take joy in it all! xx

  5. That is an AWESOME photo! Hope you are all feeling well again soon

  6. Oh God! I feel so sorry for your poor Hubby! Getting diarrhea is petrifying! And running 2 kids and a house by yourself is bloody awful, I hope you recover soon! :)


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