Monday, August 9, 2010

At my house.....

Today, at my house, I am being grateful. Very grateful that I don't have to go back to work today, after 12 months of maternity leave after Zoe's birth. I am grateful that I am able to delay my return to work, and my position will still be available. Not everyone can do this.

Three special little people in our lives will be celebrating their birthdays this week. I am busy making them some birthday presents. They are turning 5, 6, and 7. Every time this year I hope their birthday celebrations will not all be on at the same time, I hate having to choose which one/s to attend, and which one/s we can't make it too. All three of these children are dear to us.

I have been sewing them all zippered pouches, thanks to this tutorial (finally) making it clear to me how easy they are to sew. I have made these 4 zippered pouches, all different sizes, depending on how much fabric I have and what matching zips I have available.

Miss turning 5 loves animals, so I have made her a large zippered pouch using jolly jungle fabric. I know her mummy loves this fabric, and I am sure she will too. I also got her two animals to add to her collection and hope to make her a skirt if I get the time.

Mr turning 6 is lego mad, so we will be using this tute to make him a birthday card. He will also be given a large zippered pouch made with the green aliens fabric, and a smaller pouch with the flames fabric.

Miss turning 7 loves guitars, so I was very happy to find the funky colourful guitar fabric scraps months ago. The rest of her present I am still thinking about.

I am noticing some pretty new additions to our garden this week. I love it when daffodils just appear, their bulbs hidden under the soil all year. I always forget we have some in our garden, and it is such a lovely surprise every year to see them pop up and make me smile. The cherry blossom is just budding now too - lovely.

I am also wondering why we decided to night time toilet train Abbey in the middle of winter? Oh, the washing. Mentally she is ready, but maybe not physically? Any tips welcome.

Now, I better go and get these birthday presents finished, after hanging out another load of washing.

Have a lovely week. See lots more over at Lou's house.



  1. Hi Cat , I love your birthday pouches , just so cute !

  2. I love the zip up pouches - very cute and practical pressie's and I too am loving the change and welcome of blossom's in the neighbourhood!! Enjoy your week ;-)

  3. The pouches look gorgeous - well done! Happy birthday to your three little special people. =)

  4. Nice pressies!! Love the guitars.
    I'm about to embark on night time toilet training too. I'm not too worried at this stage because Aus gets up every morning with a dry nappy. And we've drilled it in that if he wakes up and needs to go, he has to get up and go to the toilet. He started doing this but we neglected to tell him to go straight back to bed. I found him sitting in front of the heater in the lounge room trying to turn on the tv at 2am. lol, small oversight there! Now he can only get up if the sun is up :)

  5. Love that first photo - gorgeous!! Pouches are a great present for kids - endless options for things to put inside.

    Funny (well not really) the things you don't think about with kids until after you have started something - the extra washing in winter, the go back to bed when you have been to the toilet... hmm. All the best with it.

    Thanks for joining in again this week Cat. Lou.

  6. Love the pouches - you give me hope that I too might be able to make one of those. Just need to get the sewing machine fired up!

  7. Yet again your creations are so clever and so beautiful! Well done....perfect presents you are making there :)

  8. Great pouches. Perfect little pressies. I know my 6 year old would love them! Outside in the sunshine today it really felt like winter was disappearing. Seeing that blossom just makes me excited. I am over winter and winter washing (we toilet trained this winter also, days not nights yet....)


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