Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge

I signed up a few weeks ago for the Handmade Christmas Challenge over at Tracey's blog, Knicky Knacks. I think it is a great idea, and hopefully this will get me inspired (and motivated!) to finish all my Christmas present making and shopping early.

I actually never stop Christmas present shopping - if I see some thing for a certain person, or a fabric I know they would adore, I buy it while I can, and put it aside for the next Christmas.

The other reason is Chris (hubby) is from England. All his family live in England. So we need to be extra organised each Christmas if we want to save money with postage, and send things over via sea mail (as the cut off is some time in early September each year) So eek, that is very soon.

My sister-in-law in England, Jus, and my mother-in-law, started a new tradition in our family a few years ago - each Christmas, we all buy each other one Christmas tree decoration. The first few years, we sent them silly Australiana decorations.

This year I wanted to make my own. I started these back in March, when we went on holidays. I took a little box of crafting things away with me, as I thought I would miss making things at night. As it turned out, I did not get much done, I was busy holidaying and relaxing. They are little felt Christmas tree decorations (about 15cm tall), stuffed with pollyfill, and decorated with buttons (some of the buttons I found at the op shop)

Visit Tracey here if you are joining in this week.

I better get cracking with the rest of Christmas now.

Cheers, Cat


  1. you girls are inspiring me to think christmas!
    very cute Cat!

  2. Oh I love them and what a wonderful, personal gift to give your loved ones. I was just thinking yesterday that once September hits, the countdown to Christmas will begin. I'm loving how everyone is getting motivated to make things early. Nothing like a handmade gift. Great to see you joining in! Trace :)

  3. Oooh these are CUTE! I need to get started on Christmas shopping! My goal is to get as much handmade & online as possible :) xo


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