Thursday, November 21, 2013

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: gifts for us


Today's handmade Christmas gift guide is all about us, Cat and I, or gifts for other ladies in your lives like sisters, Aunties and girl friends.

This list *may* be full of things we want for Christmas.

Handmade Christmas gift guide for ladies

1.  Oh my gosh, how cute are these porcelain cloudy dishes/trinket plates by Urban Cartel $187 HKD, etsy store here.  I'd love one of these (are you reading this my Shropshire boy?, hint hint)

2. I love all that Lamina at Do A Bit creates, her hand printed pouches are stunning, Fuchsia Poppies pouch $150HKD, etsy store here

3. Yes please, who wants a crochet granny square brooch or a hexagon chain brooch?  Me, me, me! Ali from Ali Pink makes these and they are absolutely fabulous!  $150 HKD each, etsy store here.

4. How lovely is this To Kill a Mockingbird brooch by House of Ismay?  $129 HKD, etsy store here.

5. DIY tutorial: Make your own polymer clay necklaces, here on Arts & Crafts by The Red Thread.  This tutorial is excellent, it inspired me to try making my own earlier in the year and I've made a few ombre ones since, you can see them here and here.  Cat has made some too, she has a story to tell on her blog here about making them the first time (and almost burning her house down!)

I am so thoughtful (or cheeky) that last month I put together an etsy Treasury list of Christmas presents that I'd love to receive, you can see it here.

What do you want for Christmas?  Do tell us.  

Cat xox

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  1. It's all so lovely. I can't imagine NOT having a handmade Christmas this year. x


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