Friday, November 22, 2013

Explorer Skirts and Shorts go to Market

Hello peeps,

All ready for the market this Sunday are Explorer Skirts and Shorts.  I even surprised myself and have put them in the shop already.
Explorer Skirt 
 They are made with 100% cotton light weight navy blue denim.  The pocket fabric is your choice, to suit your poppet, and 100% printed cotton.

Explorer Shorts.

I love these Skirts and Shorts, they have wonderful big pockets so your little explorer can fill them up with treasures or toys.

Explorer Skirt

They both have an elasticised waistband at the side and back with a flat front and make it easy for a child to dress themselves.  They come in sizes to fit ages 1-10.

The pattern has been designed by Hey There Threads and is used with kind permission.

Now go forth and let your kids explore!

Happy Friday to you.

Cat xox


  1. Look at your little models. So cute! And those pockets would be filled up extra high if there were here ;) x

  2. These are a great idea. When my kids were that small they were always jamming their pockets with all sorts if things. Love your choice if fabric too


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