Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Handmade Christmas Gift Guide 2013: gifts for grandmothers, mums and mother-in-laws.


Here on our second last Christmas gift guide, we've put together a few ideas for some of the most important people in our lives - our Mum's, Grandma's and Mother-in-laws.

I miss my mum and Grandma terribly now we live overseas.  I love to buy or make thoughtful gifts for them, I take their gift selection very seriously.

Gifts for Grandma

1. Porcelain replica vintage milk bottle : milk colour by Urban Cartel - $283 HKD available via the etsy store here.

2. One of Cat's stitched children's artwork pieces, starting at $290 HKD - her etsy store is here..... also, Cat is giving one of these away..... see below for details!

3. Fabric Greeting Card Set of 4 - Here we go Loopy Lou $140 HKD available via madeit here. I love Melinda's cards, they are all gorgeous. I have been buying and using them for years.  I am gifting some to my Grandma and the Shropshire boy's Grandma this year.

4. Small light & soft Felted scarf in red with purple tones and its matching brooch by SM Boutique - this just looks so divine! $363 HKD - etsy store here.

5. DIY: Make your own sweet DIY votives - a tutorial by fellow fellow here.

6. Mint Peony Brooch by Delilah Devine (Cat's Mama is getting one of these if she does not decide to keep it herself!) $155 HKD, available here. Look, it's a hexie, so I love it already!

GIVEAWAY: Cat would love to stitch one of our blog readers a little portrait for a special gift! She has taken to these small portraits set in 15cm hoops and she would love to stitch one for one of you! If you'd like to win, please just comment below telling me what either you, or your child loves to draw most. How cute is this?  Very, I say!

Entries are open to international entrants and will close on Friday evening, the 29th of November 2013. The winner will be drawn at random.

Happy day to you.

Cat xox


  1. This is fantastic Cat - i am going to share it on Facebook!! My partners son has moved from little boy drawings to wild teenage stuff - he loves drawing zombies and the apple symbol and stuff he learnt in japanese class. But there is still is little boy car drawings on the fridge just as a reminder that the teenage stage is not all there is!!

  2. Great assortment of etsy goodies!


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