Thursday, November 17, 2011

My (Christmas punchy) Creative Space

I have met lots of people since arriving in Hong Kong in July.  Many are mums and helpers (maids) from Abbey's kinder or Zoe's playgroup.  Often I will chat with other parents and helpers at the local playgrounds, of which there are many close to our apartment.

In all of this, I have made one true friend (so far), one person I have really made a connection with.  We have many things in common, she loves exploring Hong Kong as much as I do and we parent in very similar ways.  Both our big girls go to kinder together and love playing with each other, and our toddlers get along really well too.  She is also crafty - she makes cards and does beautiful scrap-booking.

Look what she has lent me this week, to have a play with.  Oh boy, did I have some fun last night with her paper punches!  Like I needed another crafty hobby.  I am now hooked, and want to start my own paper punch collection.

Punchy fun.

Today when Zoe sleeps, I will put some music on, make a cup of tea, sit down and make some Christmas gift tags with all my paper punchy lovelies.

Pop in and see what all the Creative peeps are up to today.

Happy Thursday to you.



  1. Lucky you! Have fun with them.

  2. The 'holes' are just as pretty as the cutouts! You'll have wonderful gift tags this year.

  3. I agree with Carol, the holes are just as nice as the cutouts! Enjoy your gift tag making :)

  4. wow -that is great that you've found such a lovely friend!! Have so much fun crafting away with those punchies xx

  5. You are making me want to get all my little punchies out! I am sure your Christmas tags will be lovely:) Cyndy

  6. oooh - lots of fun - the tags are sure to be very sweet

  7. There is aways time to take on a new craft, go for it and thanks for the invitation to Creative Places I found a great tutorial on how to makeover a tired lampshade. Always something new to learn

  8. Oooo paper punching is cool! Sometimes I just like to look at all the different shapes and designs in the shops. I could see myself becoming addicted to that as well. Hope you enjoyed your crafty time today... sounded absolutely perfect to me :o)
    It's fantastic you have made a nice connection with someone also, great to have a friend with common interests xo

  9. It's lovely that you have found someone lovely to call a friend, it's important to have someone to call when you need a chat.

    It looks like you are getting nice and organised for Christmas and having lots of fun as well. Watch out paper crafting is definitely very addictive;) xo

  10. WARNING: Paper craft (especially punching) is hideously addictive. I now have a sewing machine gathering much dust thanks to the instant gratification of paper punches (but perhaps that says more about me than anything else...). But yes, fun!

    ps. Sorry for comment tsunami! So many great posts to catch up on :)


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