Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little squishy butterflies

Hi Peeps!

My little squishy butterflies from Thursday are finally finished.  I made them happy ones with a smile and had to add antenna.  I wanted my butterflies to be anatomically correct, you see.

So three cute little squishy butterflies are all finished and ready for the Softies for Mirabel Foundation.  It is such a good cause, do check it out if you have not heard of it before.  Get your craft on and make a softie or two or more.

This is Super Hero Butterfly:

Super hero butterfly.

Abbey named this one Carrobell:

Carrobell butterfly.

Abbey likes this one best:

I like this one.

Group hug:

Group hug!

I have one more Softie for Mirabel in the making.  There is a sneak peek of him over here, he is not finished yet and I am a little smitten with him.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. Oh they are just beautiful Cat :o) Love Superhero Butterfly, very cool! xo

  2. Oh my! These little guys are SO cute (and Abbey has great taste, that is my favourite too!).

    I have been completely slack with Softies for Mirabel this year :( - I will have to remember to make a donation instead (probably will be a better gift anyway, my softies always turned out to be the stuff of nightmares I think...)


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