Thursday, November 10, 2011

My (happy alien doing yoga) Creative Space

This week in my Creative Space, I have been busy making an alien.  A happy alien who loves to do yoga.  See, he loves it.

Aliens like doing yogic head stands.

My yoga loving alien was almost a huge craft fail.  In my mastitis effected state, I kind of forgot felt is not that easy to turn inside-out when sewn into fiddly shapes like little alien feet, hands or head appendages.  I had to unpick all my sewing, cut off the seam allowance, then sew him back up again, this time on the outside, using blanket stitch.  I am so glad I could save him as I spent a very happy afternoon, during Zoe's nap time, hand sewing on his face and tummy detail.

Alien under construction

Here is the happy alien, right way around, with a little help from my assistant (2 year old Zoe).

The alien and my little helper

My assistant also thought happy alien needed a nappy change.  Aawwwww, too cute me thinks.

Alien nappy change time.

I am going to have to sneak the happy alien and my little squishy butterflies out of the house so I can post them to Pip for the Softies for Mirabel drive.  Both my girls love them, and would happily have them as their own.

Have a lovely Thursday, peeps.



  1. Cute! Love the yellow, and the great smile.

  2. Thats the great thing about sewing - you can always (usually) unpick what you want to change! (unlike with cooking!)XX

  3. How cute is this guy?!!! Adorable . He is sure to get many hugs!

  4. His yoga poses are impressive! Very very cute. I love anything made of felt!

  5. Too cute! The yogi and the assistant. I've been loving everything about felt the last week. Sorry to hear you have mastitis. I can imagine how that must feel. Also I have a Zoe too, a little three month old Zoe. Great choice of name, te-hee.

  6. I didn't even know you could get mastitis so long after weaning. Hope making that yoga alien has you feeling better!

  7. Oh I can totally see why your little ladies would love the alien and the squishy butterflies, they're adorable and cuddly! Love the pic of the nappy change, that is SO cute :o)
    Mr Alien looks definitely worth all the trouble you went through to get him here, well done Cat xo

  8. Is the Alien doing Yoga or floating on space

  9. Aww! What a cutie. And so many hands and fingers to grab on to! Lovely!

  10. Great softies! I know they'll be truly appreciated.

  11. Great design! I actually think the blanket stitch on the outside works perfectly - I couldn't imagine him any other way. A happy accident, perhaps (or not so happy, when I consider the unpicking - ughhh!).


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