Thursday, October 27, 2011

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Little love hearts

Tonight I have been stitching some little felt hearts.  I felt (haha) that we needed some home made loveliness after we had an eventful afternoon.  Abbey's dear friend from kinder fell over while running, split her head open and we saw it all happen.  There was so much blood as it was her temple and she did need a hospital visit and stitches.  Abbey was very concerned for her friend.

Abbey found it difficult to get to sleep tonight, I could tell she was anxious about her friend. She kept coming out of her room saying she had a tummy ache and asking after her friend.  When I got a text just after 9pm saying her friend was OK, stitched up and tucked up in bed, we could tell Abbey her friend was OK.  So Abbey was finally tucked up in her own bed with a heat pack on her sore tummy and a little hand made heart in one hand.  Made with love.  Some extra ones made for her friend (and her mumma)

Happy Creative Space day to you.



  1. Oh Cat, this almost made me cry. What a beautiful post. And your sweet little Abbey, what a darling. The little hearts look like the perfect thing for some comfort and cheer, after a hard day. Just all round gorgeous :o) xo

  2. Aww! That is so sweet. What a lovely Mummy you are to make her a little something special to hold onto (and the ones for her friend and friends mama). I'm sure she felt loved and cherished because you valued her thoughts and feelings. :)
    You make me think I might have to get out some felt and make a few things with it myself! :) Very cute hearts!

  3. Sorry by I am the third Awwww.... that was also my first reaction after reading your post.... how sweet :)

  4. A little kindness to heal the hurts of the day...lovely!

  5. she's such a caring little thing. The hearts are lovely.

  6. I remember when I was six and my dad made me a three house and he lost the hammer right onto my forehead. That was quite bloody, and I was terrified but it all went fine.

    Lovely hearts and stitches! Thank you for your visit over at my space :)

  7. Oh what a terrible accident, thanks goodness for children being resilient!Wishing you all a nice recovery x

  8. So sweet! Glad her friend is ok.


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