Thursday, October 6, 2011

My (WIP) Creative Space

This week, I still have lots of sewing projects on the go.  The only things I finished this week were the zippered pouches.  I am still working on the rattle cubes and the pink and sparkly bunting.

This gorgeous collection of green and orange fabric is destined to be bunting for my besties daughter for Christmas. She is 6 years old and I love it that pink is not her favourite colour like most other girls her age - she loves orange.  It is a refreshing change to be sewing with some colours I would not normally have chosen for myself or my girls.   I am waiting for the just washed fabric to dry.  That won't be too long as it is still warmish here in Hong Kong, most days this week have been in the low 20's (celsius)  The stifling heat of the past few months, I hope, is behind us.

Orange and Green

I want to finish off this lego bunting I begun way back at the start of July soon after moving to Hong Kong.  I only realised yesterday that I do not have the right shade of blue thread.  (Zoe and) I have been exploring the Sham Shui Po area one day a week since we first visited this amazing area of Hong Kong.  I now know where to buy more fabulous ribbons, zippers and beads beads and so many more beads.  Last week I found a shop that sells sewing machine needles for my Janome machines.  I have not found any threads, anywhere, yet.  Some more exploring is in order (yippee!)

Lego Bunting

All the other lovely Creative Spaces are over here.  Happy browsing to you.



  1. Gorgeous fabric!!! And that lego bunting is flippin awesome!

  2. Must be so fantastic to explore all these places.

    Happy happy fabric


  3. Beautiful -this project will be so pretty!
    Wish you a great day!

  4. Oh the lego bunting is superb Cat! What awesome fabric. And I love the orange based bunting too, very groovy. It is nice when little girl's favour colours other than pink, bit of individuality is a good thing :o)
    Sounds like you're having a ball exploring all of these fabulous crafty hotspots xo

  5. Nice to meet you, Cat! I had so much fun scrolling through your blog that I wanted to drop a quick note to say "hi".

  6. That fabric is going to make fabulous bunting! I am sure you will find a whole emporium of thread somewhere there.

  7. You need a library catalogue system for all your beautiful fabric, Cat :)

  8. Great fabrics for your bunting, my son would love the lego one. Thanks for visiting my blog recently too :)Sam


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