Monday, October 10, 2011

When all went quiet.....

When all goes quiet....

When all went quiet, I knew Zoe was up to mischief.......

No harm was done to either toddler or Janome.

Have a lovely week peeps.



  1. The sound of silence speaks loudly when in reference to toddlers! A happy week to you as well!

  2. Oh little monkey, you always know somethings up when it's quiet..

  3. Eeeks! I get nervous when our house is quiet.....i cringe at the thought of what Ella is up to LOL!!!

  4. Oh cutie pie! What curious little hands... and eyes! You know I ALWAYS expect the worst when I realise the boys have been quiet for a little while... usually it's because I've forgotten to shut something or put something out of reach and then... they strike! ;o)
    Gorgeous pic and I'm glad no child or machine was harmed xo


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