Monday, May 27, 2013

The Pink Hexie Quilt, an update.

Hello peeps,

It is about time I had an update on my Pink Hexie Quilt.

In early April I laid out all my completed hexie flowers, I had 61 completed.  This is how they looked all together:

April 2013

I honestly have no idea how many more I will make.  This is my "take away" craft.  I take it with me everywhere. It is small and portable.

I feel it is now time to be thinking about the edge of this quilt.  I want the edge to be straight, that is all I know.

April 2013

I still can't decide if I will put a border on it or not.  Any suggestions?

I'll just keep hand sewing my hexie flowers for a little longer, and see where I end up. Who knows where, or when, that will be.

Have a great week.

Cat xox


  1. Thats amazing Cat!!
    (i don't think it needs a border - but i'm no expert on quilts!!lol)xx

  2. Its gorgeous Cat
    I've got no idea what to do with the edge/border of mine either (just thinking ahead...I'm nowhere near done!)

  3. Want. Badly! It's gorgeous! I think you'll just 'know' when it's done.

  4. Maybe just a simple pink bias border would look good. I think the quilt looks great. Have you finished it as of this date?

    1. Thanks!
      I am almost ready to sew the hexie flowers together. It will have a straight edge, with a binding border (probably pink, yes). I need to take some new photos.


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