Saturday, May 18, 2013

I made my very first quilt (photographic evidence I did it)

Hey peeps,

I made a quilt!  From start to finish, I made it.  My mum helped a little too with piecing the top.  It was gifted to my Grandma on her recent 90th birthday.

I first talked about it here.  Here are the photos documenting the making of this quilt.

The backing, stuck to the floor with tape.  We had to move our couch to have enough room, we do live in a very cosy tiny apartment. 
  The backing, stuck to the floor. 

 Pin basting, making a quilt sandwich with the backing, batting and quilt top. Pin basting, making a quilt sandwich. 

All pinned together, ready to quilt. All basted. 

Oh my gosh, I am quilting this! Quilting!


 Quilting complete, removing the pins. Quilted, the front. 

 The backing, quilted.
  Quilted, the back. 

 Beautiful binding, ready to attach. Beautiful binding. 

 Quilt top all trimmed and squared up, ready for binding. Quilt top, all finished. 

 Hand sewing on the binding.
  Stitching on the binding. 

 Finished. The front.
  The front. 

 My mum holding up the quilt.
  Mum holding it up. 

The back.
  The back. 

 Oh my gosh, I really made this! Ta da, I made a quilt! 

 The label. 
  Hand made, with love.

I can honestly say the internet help make this quilt.  There are so many great tutorials and so much information on the web now about quilting.  So thank you, interwebs.

The good news is my Grandma loves her new quilt.  It makes her nursing home room so much brighter.  I feel better, knowing she has a hand made, with love, quilt to keep her warm and remind her she is so dear to us, even if we live in another country now. 

I faced my fears, and I finished this quilt on time.  I can honestly say I loved making this quilt.  I want to make more.  I now have 2 more quilts on the go and fabric collections to make another two.  I want to sleep under my own hand made quilt one day (soon).  I want my girls to sleep under a mumma made quilt.  You could say I am a "wanna be" quilter now.  That is fine with me.

Have you made a quilt?  Did you enjoy it?

Happy day to you.  Cat xox


  1. Well done Cat! That is quite an achievement, and the end result is just gorgeous, I especially love those bright florals on the back! I am always in awe of anyone who has the patience/skill to quilt - you've just been added to that list :)

  2. Well done Cat - it looks amazing! What an achievement!

  3. This quilt is awesome.Your grandmother will be ever so happy and sleep very well.

    I especially like the picture that says "mum holding the quilt" and all we see is two pots beside the quilt. Grand!

    At this moment I'm having a littel giveaway for my birthday:

    And I forgot to mention: I love your view, so wide. Do I spot the sea in the background?

    1. The view was beautiful. Lovely countryside, that was once a volcano. Unfortunately not near the sea, but still beautiful non the less.

  4. just awesome well done..nope never made a quilt but in process of a doll quilt hehe starting small

  5. That is just beyond stunning! What a perfect gift, you are so generous and talented. You make me want to address my sewing machine fear!

  6. It's beautiful and you should be proud of yourself for finishing it. xxxx

  7. Cat, I'd say you're a natural-born quilter. What a scrumptious quilt and I'm sure your grandma is the evvy of everyone where she lives! I'm not surprised you've caught the bug now (though I did giggle when I read how you now have TWO projects on the go simultaneously). You go girl!

  8. Congrats on making your first quilt, it's a beauty. Love the border fabric you chose. Sounds like you are well on your way to a fabulous quilting future. I've been quilting for 18 years and have loved every minute of it, and I'm sure you will too.


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