Sunday, May 19, 2013

More reasons why I love Hong Kong

Waiting for the taxi. 

 Hello peeps,

I need to write more about Hong Kong.  I love it here, there are many reasons why I love it so much.  The most obvious reason, for me, is of course Sham Shui Po.

I had to take my sewing machine in for a service and possible repair, she has not been quite right for a few weeks, and now the bobbin case won't sit in place properly. So yesterday my sewing machine and I caught a taxi to my beloved Sham Shui Po.  I love the taxi's here, they are almost always punctual - I ordered a taxi, and it arrived within minutes.  I always forget that the driver has a button to open and close the rear doors.  It is a great idea in my opinion.

Yesterday I was greeted by a happy "Hello Missy".  I passed my driver the address of where I needed to go, and he said "Yes, Missy.  OK Missy".  It makes me giggle being called Missy.  It happens often in Hong Kong.  It makes me feel like a teenager again, in a good way.

When riding in the taxi, with no children chattering to me, out of the apartment, I had uninterrupted thoughts, so rare it seems nowadays.  I was thinking how much Hong Kong has stolen my heart, made me love her.  She is a beautiful city.  I love all the high rises, a mixture of old and new architecture. Such an urban jungle, so many people, so much diversity.  I always hear so many different accents and languages being spoken. There are people from all over the world here, calling Hong Kong home.  And it hit me - this is my home, and I am so grateful we took a crazy chance, a HUGE leap of faith, and made the move to Hong Kong.

We have been here for almost two years now.  In some ways, it only feels like 1 year, in other ways, I feel like I have been here much longer.  But only last week, I was thinking of returning to Australia.  We had a challenging week on so many levels, I was naturally thinking of my my old home Melbourne and all the special, gorgeous people still there who we miss dearly. I was craving some clean air, some fresh salad (not wilted) and a sherbet cone (or 4).  Then I had this urge, I wanted to take my girls camping - in Australia. I want them to grow up having experienced camping, to see a wombat in the wild at Wilson's Promontory and to go swimming at one of the many, many amazing beaches in Australia.  Then I felt a pang of sadness, I would miss Hong Kong so much if we left.  There is still so much here I want to see.

I feel so torn, questioning where I belong. I still feel in limbo, like Hong Kong won't be our home forever.  I am impatient to know where (and when) we will end up next. I also crave and cringe, both at the same time, to be in Melbourne again.  How do you ever settle in one place after you have become an "ex-pat"?  Is it possible? I must be thinking too much.  Hurry up and fix my sewing machine please, and keep me busy again.

Amongst all my crazy thoughts, I noticed my taxi driver.  I was reminded again why I love this city so much - here was a fully grown man, not afraid to wear purple shorts or bracelets.  I loved the jingle the bracelets made when he moved his arm. No one would bat an eye lid here at his ensemble.  Can I tell you again, I love this city and the people in it.

When, or if,  we move, part of my heart will be broken.  Hong Kong, I love you.

Have a great week.  Cat xox

More reasons to love HK.


  1. Hong Kong is on our to visit hubbie spent his early school years there with a dad in the air force....we have always wanted to take the children there and let him show us what he remembers...Hope the machine is back soon for you. xxx

  2. Oh Cat, this is a great post. Kinda sad, but also very inspirational and exciting. I think the experience you & your family are having is amazing and very enriching. I love reading your stories of Hong Kong, as I've never been anywhere in Asia, but would love to visit one day. That taxi driver is pretty funky alright xo

  3. I enjoyed reading this post. I can relate. I have moved so often that sometimes if I think of home I can get confused!
    I grew up mostly in France & Monaco, then at 18 I moved to Canada and stayed with relatives in Ontario. Now we live in Prince Edward Island for almost a year now. Home is wherever I am at the moment. I still wish I could be in other places, but try to always enjoy wherever I am at the moment. It can be tough at times, but I always seem to find more to discover to remind me I can enjoy my current home.


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