Thursday, September 13, 2012

My (type of bliss) Creative Space

Well hello peeps,

This week has been bliss.  Every morning, I have had 3 hours to myself.  Three hours! 180 minutes. 10,800 seconds.  So, what have I been doing?  Creating, sewing, making cards.  It has been bliss.  I feel so inspired, having that time to myself with no little people making demands on me, I can really concentrate on being creative.  I am loving it. I probably should be doing some more exercise, but I'll get to that another day or week.

Zoe is now at kinder 5 mornings a week for 3.5 hours each day. I do miss her and I almost run all the way to kinder to pick her up. I am so happy to see her again, but I am loving (so much) this time to be me.

Now I have no excuse.  I hope to be opening up my very own etsy shop soon.

This week I have been busy sewing.

Under construction

I have been busy cutting fabric circles, ready to turn into hair bobbles.

Today's fabric palette.

I have been busy making cards and playing with paper.

Paper fun

I feels like I have waited a lifetime to get to here, to this happy, blissful place, creating with a clear mind.  It feels so good.

Happy Creative Space Day to you.



  1. Wow, three hours a day, EVERY DAY? That does sound lovely. Can't wait for the Etsy shop (though you should also just lie on the sofa for some of those three hour blocks, just because you can!)

    1. I sat on the couch today for a little while, and enjoyed it! I don't do sitting still very well.

  2. This is such a happy post, I'm so pleased for you and your cards look amazing.

  3. Wow you have been busy! So great to see you making the most of your creative time!

  4. ooooh, jealous. i'm still a few year away from that kind of free time, but i must admit to looking forward to m. heading off to kindy with some kind of maniacal glee.

    good luck with your etsy store. your future bobbles and cards look great!

    thanks for dropping by and leaving your lovely comment :)

  5. Wow, sounds fantastic! I'm hoping my little one will keep napping twice a day well into next year so I can have a taste of the same once the kinderboy goes to school. I love your Very Hungry Caterpillar dots, and also those cards.

  6. This is so exciting Cat!
    Looks like you're making lots of
    beautiful things for you new store!!XXX

  7. You've been very busy! Lots of great projects there.

  8. Lovely creations.
    The cards are simple yet so sweet.

  9. This post has put a big smile on my face as I can feel you happiness through the screen.
    SO happy for you Cat, it's just wonderful to find that place.
    Love all the colours and fabrics in your circles.
    and Very exciting about your own etsy shop in the future xo

  10. Oh how wonderful Cat, three whole hours would give you plenty of creating time...I would love a bit of that right now. So exciting you're opening an Etsy store...I'm actually just about to open a little store on madeit too. And I almost run to pick Angus up in the arvo too, as much as time to yourself is great, you miss them so much when they're not around xo

  11. Oh Cat - I feel your joy! I am counting down the months until next year when I will get 14 hours a week on my own with no children!! So glad you are making the most of it - I have always loved your bright color choices!


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