Thursday, September 13, 2012

Paper Punch Fun

Hi peeps,

Yesterday, I set out to post a few parcels that are (unfortunately) long overdue to be sent.  I wanted to make my own cards to go with these parcels and presents so I got out all my paper punches and paper and got rather distracted creating.  This is what I got up to.

Today's paper palette.

Finished cards


This one was my favourite of the day, spots and stripes together.  So happy. 

  I think this card is my fave. Love me some stripes.
Now, I really better get these parcels in the post.

Have a great evening.

Cat xox


  1. These are gorgeous Cat!!! I love the colour and the patterns, and I'm sure the recipients will have a smile on their face when they get your parcels! Will you be selling these on Etsy?

  2. They are simply gorgeous....what a great idea for a lovely touch on the gift. xx

  3. Oh love love love, you clever gal Cat! These are beautiful & I can imagine would be very addictive once you start. Lucky recipients indeed xo

  4. cuteeeee...! :) love the flowers cloud :D


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