Thursday, September 20, 2012

My (Red Ric-Rac) Creative Space

Hi peeps,

Wow, is it really Thursday again?  The weeks are passing by so quickly at the moment.  I want them to slow down a little.

This week in My Creative Space, there has been lots going on (again)  Yay to that, I say!

Zippered pouch construction

Of course, more zippered pouches are being made.  Always the zippered pouches.  I am seriously addicted to making them.  I am slowly building up some stock, ready to open my etsy store.  Soon, soon, I will get there.  I was buzzing last Friday as I sold a total of 7, yes seven, zippered pouches to two separate friends here in Hong Kong. It is such a thrill to see people love your creations.

Tooth Pillow

Abbey is so excited to finally have some wobbly baby teeth.  She has watched so many of her friends lose their first, and subsequent teeth.  It was not until a few weeks ago that she got her first wobbly tooth, now there are 3 wobbly ones that I can tell.  I am secretly making her this cute tooth fairy pillow.

Red Ric Rac dress

Lastly, I really need to finish this new skirt.  One for me!  I have had this fabric to make me a skirt for 2 years now. Ridiculous I know.  I have been making hair bobbles out of this fabric, but thought I better make my skirt now before there was no fabric left for a skirt.  

Quack quack 

I am using the pattern New Look 6843, view A.  I already have 3 other skirts using this pattern, and I love and wear them all the time.  It is very quick and easy to make and very comfortable to wear.  This time I adjusted the pattern and tapered in the side seams a little.  I actually made it last month, really quickly one night, it was completed apart from the hem and the button hole.  I got it in my head I just had to have red ric-rac around the hem, so my new dress has been unfinished until now (I finally got to Sham Shui Po last weekend for the ric-rac)

Today I will sew on this cute little duckie button, and tomorrow I will be wearing my brand new, hand made skirt.  

What have you been making?

Have a great day lovelies.



  1. Love the fabric for your skirt, so fun!

  2. I am positively drooling over all the lovely fabrics you have!

  3. Oh that fabric for your skirt is gorgeous!

  4. Looks like the tooth fairy will be busy from now on at your house! I've been making tote bags..and have just posted a 'giveaway' for a little girl's pink tote may be interested.

  5. that tooth fairy pillow is just too adorable!!!! love love love!

  6. Ooo love love love all of that creativity Cat. The toothe fairy pillow is adorable & the skirt with duckie button is going to be gorgeous. I've just opened a little store & Facebook page for some bits & pieces I've been playing with for months... More to follow about it on my blog :) Have a lovely weekend Cat xo

  7. Love your tooth fairy pillow....our little guy just lost his first tooth last week at 7.5 years old...and not another wobbly one in sight....he is very frustrated as he is the very last of the family or friends. xx

  8. Thank you for visiting me. So glad it led me to your fabulous blog.


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