Friday, August 26, 2011

Practicing my chopstick maneuvers

Practicing my chopstick manouvers

Tonight I am practicing my chopstick maneuvers.  Yes, with pink chopsticks (without the little helper at the end though)  I need to buy myself my own pair, don't you think?

Do tell me what you are up to tonight.

Happy Friday to you.



  1. happy Friday sweet lady, hope all is well with you.
    I look at my gorgeous cupcake case & think of you.
    big hugs, I'm off to the couch for a cuddle with my little guy now ♥

  2. Isn't it great, the way that each person can have their own taste in chopsticks..please show us what you get! I am more used to Japanese ones than Chinese and love their beautiful woods and designs.

  3. Oh I envy the chopstick skill! I've tried many times but never mastered the art. Loving your pink choppies, good luck with getting the hang of it :o) xo

  4. Wood or bamboo personalized chopsticks are the easiest to use because of the gripping texture at the tip. Plastic ones will be harder to use. Metal chopsticks, as favored by the Koreans, are the hardest of all. Master one, and move up to the next. The next time you go out, your hosts will be impressed.


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